Underground Reunion - The Underground HK

2014-09-20 21:30 - 23:59

Underground Reunion - The Underground HK

When: 20 Sep 2014 Sat 21:30
Where: Grappa's Cellar

Underground Reunion Poster

香港独立乐队音乐会-The Underground HK

So people got this crazy idea of asking bands who haven't played for awhile to regroup for a special night at Grappa's Cellar. This IS the night. People is delighted to have these great bands reunite for one night and people can get some extra fun stuff to make the evening a special one.


"Endeavour" is a pioneer trans-media music group in HK formed by the award-winning experimental filmmaker / new media artist makin fung with prominent music / culture / media landscaper Wong Chi Chung.

It was 1980's when makin met Chi Chung at the film school. After many of their underground music friends (such as beyond and tat-Ming) turned to the main stream and became commercial pop bands, they started their own project with ambient rock guitarist Thomas (Chak) Chan. Their early influences include Japan, Joy Division, Eno, Robert Fripp, U2.

In 1990's, they released two albums under Rock-in/EMI as well as an experimental video collection under their own label. Besides, they were featured twice in the Hong Kong Art Festival and numerous major music events.

In last decade, Endeavour also established themselves as an progressive / underground electronic music group filling the club scene with Live Electronic Sets and DJ sets. In recent years, Endeavour, supported by makin's side project "Synth + Rock", redefined its music into the domain of ambient Post-Rock.


False Alarm
False Alarm started in Hong Kong at 1999. They released three albums throughout the years and was one of the founder of the local indie label Harbour Records. False Alarm ended at the end of 2011, with a joyful good-bye show "this is the end of false alarm".


slash!SAKURA!slash! is acoustic guitarist Benson Looi, formed upon his arrival in Hong Kong in 2005. Once described in an Underground review as "similar to Dashboard Confessional and Secondhand Serenade but slightly more buoyant and graceful", his music is pure acoustic, melodic, and emotional. slash!SAKURA!slash! often has guest musicians sharing his stage, artists such as Luke Chow (Hungry Ghosts), Mike Orange (Chochukmo) and Jenny Shima (Bhuddhistson). This is his 6th Underground performance, and Benson is looking forward to a reunion with old friends, and a few guest surprises in hand.


Guitars & Panties
I saw Guitars and Panties a few years ago. I didn't know what to expect. Well, I did expect a crowd full of perverts actually. In fact, I could spot very few, with one or two obvious exceptions (hello Brendan). Knowing Chris B as I did (powerhouse behind the late, lamented Sisters of Sharon), I certainly didn't expect a band full of girls with their bazookas hanging out. And, truth be told, the only bazookas I saw all night belonged to a drunken Danish girl who fell out of the toilets in s state of disrepair. Not that this bothered me. I've seen enough bazookas in my time and I was there for some high octane rock. And I wasn't disappointed.

Those who know the HK music scene know that Guitars and Panties are in essence a super-group. Chris B, enough said. HK's first Lady of Rock, she needs no introduction. Yan the other guitarist I fell in love with years ago when she fronted Hard Candy - what a band they were. And Shirley on bass - a true musician, I think she can play almost anything. Rachel on drums keeps the beat going, and she is great too.

You may think I have a thing for G&P. I suppose I do. I must admit, like others, I was seduced by the name. But they could call themselves Dirty Underpants and I would still follow them. Catchy hooks, great songs, and good-looking birds too if I can be sexist for a second. You would be absolutely mad not to catch them in performance.
I refuse to make any jokes or comments about panties. Except perhaps to say that one of the girls doesn't wear any. I would get close to the stage if I were you.


The Train
THE TRAIN are a rock band in Hong Kong who play Punk & Brit Pop. They love to play music filled with energy and encouraging people to have fun. The band formed in 1997 and went to the final stages of Carlsberg Music Festival in 1997 and 1998. After a long break, the band re-united in 2005 and won the Champion and the Best Bassist for Budweiser True Music Competition in 2005. And then in 2006 they became the Hong Kong Champion of World battle of the bands competition. They have performed at many music festivals and gigs in various venues around Hong Kong.


Tickets: $150 (Advance) / 200 (Door)
Tel: 852-25212322
Add: 1 Connaught Place, Central, Hong Kong


*Information provided by The Underground

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