Marcus Miller

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Marcus Miller

Marcus Miller

Marcus Miller自上世纪70年代纵横乐坛,至今四十余载,乐风横跨爵士、节奏、放克到摇滚,无一不精纯熟练。这位名满天下神乎其技的贝司乐手,同时身兼作曲/编曲/制作等多重身分,让他位于世界乐坛的顶端,相继为大牌乐手如Miles Davis、David Sanborn、Herbie Hancock等人制作专辑。2002年的专辑《M2》获得格莱美奖最佳现代爵士专辑的殊荣。Marcus Miller曲风多变,Classic、Jazz、电子、世界无不精通,但最让人心跳的还是技巧扎实的Funk,无论是翻玩还是创新,都已精准为最大特色。


Marcus Miller

Marcus Miller

Marcus Miller has worked on hundreds of sessions ranging from jazz, R&B, to rock as a bassist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. His proficiency on his main instrument, the electric bass, is highly regarded among recording circles. Marcus has released several solo records in addition to his work with trumpeter Miles Davis, pianist Herbie Hancock, singer Luther Vandross, and saxophonist David Sanborn.

Never one to merely get his feet wet, Marcus has been a utility player in the most extreme and prolific sense. His fretless bass technique has also served as an inspiration to many, and has taken the fretless bass into musical situations and genres previously unexplored with the electric bass of any description.


Genre: Jazz/R&B/Rock

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