Bootsy Collins

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Bootsy Collins

Bootsy Collins

Bootsy Collins,美国著名的放克贝司手、歌手和歌曲作家。1968年他组建了自己的第一个乐队,随后与大名鼎鼎的James Brown、George Clinton合作,与前者共同丢出了爆炸性的“Get Up(I Feel Like Being a)Sex Machine”、“Super Bad”、“Soul Power”等Funk金曲;与后者,则私交颇深。

Bootsy和自己组建的乐队产量颇丰,1970年代的Bootsy's Rubber Band时,就已出版六张专辑,两张一套的《Anthology》绝大部分就是这六张专辑里的歌曲精华。之后,他不断与各色音乐人合作,同时也相继出版了自己的Solo唱片。Bootsy Collins的音乐Funk节奏鲜明,有趣,当然不得不提他那副仿佛来自镭射星球的墨镜行头,真的是宇宙皆知。


Bootsy Collins

Bootsy Collins

Bootsy Collins is one of the all-time great funk and R&B bassists. Born in Detroit, Bootsy made a name for himself playing alongside James Brown and George Clinton. Collins and Clinton’s shared sense of clever, bizarre and outrageous music led them to establish a close and long lasting friendship.

Bootsy has recorded and performed extensively as part of ensembles and also as a solo artist where he can often be found sporting his signature star-shaped glasses and custom-made bass.  Throughout his work, there is a sense of freedom and individuality that makes him one of music's most unique voices.


Genre: Funk/R&B

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