Gianluca Littera

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Gianluca Littera

Gianluca Littera

Gianluca Littera,世界上极少数使用口琴来演奏古典和爵士乐的著名演奏家,自从1985年以优异的成绩获得小提琴专业演奏证书之后,Gianluca Littera就将自己的全部艺术创造力倾注到了口琴的演奏中。Gianluca Littera经常和圣塞西莉亚国家研究院(Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia)管弦乐队合作演出,后者是世界上最早的音乐研究机构之一。



Gianluca Littera

Gianluca Littera

After attaining the Viola Certificate “magna cum laude” in 1985, Gianluca Littera discovered the chromatic harmonica to which he has devoted himself entirely. He has since become one of the very few soloists in the world today to perform classical and jazz music with this instrument. Gianluca has collaborated on many occasions with the Santa Cecelia Orchestra of the National Academy in Rome: both at concerts and in recording projects.

These projects include the Inauguration Concert of the New Auditorium in Rome “La Cavea” dedicated to Cinema Music with Maestro M.W. Chung and a program of compositions arranged and conducted by the Oscar award winner Louis Bacalov. In 2012, he performed at the Vienna Musikverein with the Tonkünstler-Orchester Niederösterreich conducted by Maestro Andrea Posada.


Genre: Jazz/Classical

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