4 & 5 - da:ns festival 2014

2014-10-14 20:00 - 2014-10-15 22:00

4 & 5 - da:ns festival 2014

when: 14-15 Oct 2014, Tue-Wed. 20:00
where: Esplanade Theatre Studio

ns festival 2014

4 & 5  ©Fan Xi


4 & 5 by TAO Dance Theater (China)
Making their mark in the world of dance, TAO Dance Theater represents the bold and independent spirit of a new generation of artists from China. In just six years since its founding, the company has toured more than twenty countries in five continents, has held residency at the American Dance Festival, and was recently dubbed a "New Wave Associates" artist by Sadler's Wells.

Acclaimed choreographer Tao Ye presents two works from his series of minimalist creations that explore the pure physicality of the human body as a visual element.

ns festival 2014

4 & 5  ©Fan Xi

Freed from narratives or representation, his wildly kinetic and hypnotic works give free reign to the imagination and inspires an array of interpretations. This presentation of 4 & 5, set to music created by indie folk rock composer Xiao He, features bodies driven apart and held together by unseen, compelling forces. Erupting like a force of nature, TAO's movements grapple with the magnetic push and pull of gravity, creating a mesmerising and meditative experience.

"When seen side by side, "4" and "5" are gripping explorations of magnetic pull, not only between dancers, but between the viewer and the dance. Mr. Tao has an ability to draw you inside his austere, meditative world; if you go willingly, you realize that the body is a sacred place. In a way, Mr. Tao has reinvented the solo within a visceral framework of repetition and time. His insistence is palpable, and, through that, we grasp the freedom in flesh." - The New York Times


Price: $30, $20 (students, NSF, senior citizens)
Tel: 65-68288377
Add: 1 Esplanade Drive, Singapore


*Information provided by  Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay

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