The War - Edinburgh International Festival 2014

2014-08-09 20:00 - 2014-08-11 22:00

The War - Edinburgh International Festival 2014

When: 9-11 Aug 2014 Sat-Mon 20:00; 10 Aug Sun 15:00
Where: King's Theatre

The War

The War©Roger Viollet/Topfoto


1913. A group of young people celebrate Christmas in Paris. They share interests, a love for the arts and a deep aversion to common morals. An international circle of poets and artists, they wish to establish new trends in painting and literature, believing that Beauty will save the world.

One of the hottest topics of conversation is war. Some think any war is the greatest catastrophe, while others think war is a necessary evil, destroying old ideas and ideals, clearing the way for new ones. When war becomes a painful and terrifying reality less than a year later, they are forced to drastically re-examine their principles and beliefs.

Through his innovative 'sound drama' technique, where music, movement and rhythm heighten the dramatic action, Russian director Vladimir Pankov's new production explores the deep psychological and physical impact of war and how through art we can help provide a vision for the future.


Director: Vladimir Pankov
Libretto: Irina Lychagina
Set and costume designer: Maxim Obrezkov
Lighting designer: Nikolai Surkov
Music directors:Artem Kim and Sergei Rodyukov
Choreography:Sergei Zemlansky and Ekaterina Kislova


-World premiere.
-2 hours approximately.
-Performed in Russian with English supertitles.


Price: £10-£32
Tel: 44-(0)131-4732000
Add: 2 Leven St, Edinburgh, UK


*Information provided by Edinburgh International Festival

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