Sweet Mambo - Edinburgh International Festival 2014

2014-08-23 19:30 - 2014-08-25 22:00

Sweet Mambo - Edinburgh International Festival 2014

When: 23-25 Aug 2014 Sat-Mon 19:30
Where: The Edinburgh Playhouse

Sweet Mambo

Sweet Mambo©Oliver Look



The relationships between women and men - seduction, happiness and misery, physical and mental fragility - are explored in the inimitable style of the great Pina Bausch. In each life-affirming scene dancers tell stories, flirt, fight, decry, seduce and abandon each other.

Revelling in life's inherent humour, Pina Bausch's unique concept of dance theatre creates beautiful, ambiguous imagery that mixes glamour and movement with a raft of recurring props - from water and fruit to chairs and dirt - creating ever-changing visual collages that balance on a knife-edge between reality and surrealism.

One of her final works, Sweet Mambo is an exciting combination of solos and ensemble dances, gentle gestures and sumptuous costumes as dreams, sorrows and anecdotes unfold.


Director and choreographer: Pina Bausch
Set designer: Peter Pabst
Costume designer: Marion Cito
Musical collaboration: Matthias Burkert, Andreas Eisenschneider
Collaboration: Marion Cito, Thusnelda Mercy and Robert Sturm
Artistic director: Lutz Förster
Managing director: Dirk Hesse


Running time:2 hours and 30 minutes approximately.
Audio described:Monday 25 August 19.15.


2014 - Sweet Mambo Trailer

- From Youtube


Price: £10-32
Tel: 44-(0)131-4732000
Add: 18-22 Greenside Place,Edinburgh,UK


*Information provided by Edinburgh International Festival

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