Grand Dance Drama The Legend of the Condor Heroes - Hong Kong Dance Drama Company

2014-08-29 19:45 - 2014-08-31 16:30

Grand Dance Drama The Legend of the Condor Heroes - Hong Kong Dance Drama Company

When: 29 Aug Fri 19:45, 30 Aug Sat 15:00/19:45, 31 Aug Sun 15:00 2014
Where: Lyric Theatre, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

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This stage adaptation of The Legend of the Condor Heroes is personally authorised by the author Jin Yong, the undisputed literary master of Hong Kong. It is choreographed by renowned Hong Kong choreographer Leung Kwok-shing, who is known as "The First Man for Martial Arts Dance Drama" for his acclaimed stage versions of martial arts novels by Jin Yong. The production is the first time two major Chinese dance stars - Wang Yabin (choreographer for the film House of Flying Daggers) and Liu Fuyang (Director of Zhejiang Song and Dance Theatre) - work together.

The Legend of the Condor Heroes Still

They are accompanied by outstanding dancers from Hubei Performance and Arts Group and the production is realised by a creative team of leading theatre professionals from Hong Kong. With an innovative dramatic structure and poetic choreography, the epic, romantic martial arts world of The Legend of the Condor Heroes comes alive on stage with vigour and elegance.

The Legend of the Condor Heroes Still

Original Story: Jin Yong
Artistic Director: Leung Kwok-shing
Director and Choreographer: Leung Kwok-shing
Music Director and Composer: Liang Zhongqi
Lyricist: Chris Shum
Singer: Janice Yan
Set Designer: Tsang Man-tung
Video Designer: Lin Jin-yao
Lighting Designer: Yeung Tsz-yan
Presented by Hong Kong Dance Drama Company, Hubei Performance and Arts Group and JV Entertainment Productions Ltd.
Co-produced and performed by Hong Kong Dance Drama Company and Hubei Performance and Arts Group
Co-presented by China Ethnic & Folk Culture and Arts Exchange Association (HK) Limited and Xintiandi Cultural Promotion
Sponsored by The Hong Kong Order Of St John and Hong Kong Hakka Associations
Supported by Brighten Floriculture and Cosco Hotel (HK)

Leung Kwok-shing

Leung Kwok-shing

Leung Kwok-shing
Hong Kong Dance Drama Company Artistic Director and award-winning dancer and choreographer. Leung Kwok-shing has been active on the Hong Kong dance stage for more than 30 years. An honorary fellow of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and former Artistic Director of the Hong Kong Dance Company, Leung was trained at the Guangdong Dance School in Chinese classical dance and ethnic dance. He has choreographed many acclaimed works and is best known for creating dance dramas inspired by traditional Chinese art and dance which also fuse Eastern and Western aesthetics.

His early works include The Story of Zhou Xuan, Suppressed Romance and Rouge. His recent works include Poet Dongpo, Two Swallows (winner of 2012 Hong Kong Dance Award for "Outstanding Dance Production"), Qingming Riverside (winner of Guangdong Provincial Art Festival First Prize and Special Grand Prize). He is named "The First Man for Martial Arts Dance Drama" by China Dancers Association's Dance magazine for his successful adaptations of martial arts novels by Jin Yong - The Smiling, Proud Wanderer, Snow Fox and Eagle Companions.

Wang Yabin

Wang Yabin

Wang Yabin plays Huang Rong (Hong Kong Debut)
A renowned dancer, choreographer and producer, Wang Yabin is a National First-Class Performer as well as Artistic Director of Yabin Studio. Trained at the Beijing Dance Academy, Wang is currently a lead performer of their Youth Troupe. She has won numerous gold prizes at major dance competitions in China and acted as an ambassador of Chinese dance in overseas artistic exchanges.

Committed to producing high quality works and performances, Yabin Studio under Wang's leadership initiates the "Yabin and Friends" series to create a new dance work each year. She also invites Chinese, European and American choreographers to create new work in collaboration, winning praise and acclaim from critics and artists, and because of this, she is regarded as one of the most promising and creative modern dance choreographer, dancer and producer. Wang has also collaborated with film director Zhang Yimou in House of Flying Daggers as choreographer and dancer.

Liu Fuyang

Liu Fuyang

Liu Fuyang plays Guo Jing (Hong Kong Debut)
National First-Class Director and Performer Liu Fuyang is Director of Zhejiang Song and Dance Theatre. Born in Shenyang, he won a place at the Dance Academy of Minzu University of China with outstanding grades when he was 14. He has since won many prizes at professional dance competitions overseas and in China. Liu has played the lead role in more than 20 dance dramas and taken part in an astonishing amount of solo and duet works. He has also choreographed many dances, his dance poem Above Heaven and Earth won the five major prizes at the 5th Hehua Cup: Gold Prize for Dance Poem, Gold Prize for Performance, Choreography Prize, Best Music and Best Lighting Design. Liu has represented China in many international cultural exchange events and made a sizeable contribution to the promotion of traditional Chinese dance culture.

Janice Yan

Janice Yan
Janice Yan was born in 1990 in Beijing, and since birth, she has been constantly relocating to different parts of Asia. By the age of 15, Yan started recording Chinese theme songs for China Central Television (CCTV) dramas and for Cantonese-dubbed Disney movies. While studying in college, she participated in the 2009 Ultimate Singing Challenge, winning the U.S. District Championship and the North America Best Vocal Performance Award. As a result of her outstanding performance, Yan was later invited to Taiwan as a PK challenger against the contestants in Season 6 of One Million Star. She amazed and captured the attention of the five judges with her performance of Christina Aguilera's Fighter, earning her full score and the nickname, King of Hell.

Yan continued the winning streak in the subsequent PK challenges with five straight victories. The same year, in May 2010, Yan was invited to compete in One Million Star: Star Legend as the only participant who was not a contestant in previous seasons. Through trials and perseverance, Yan grew from a student eagerly learning from experience to the champion of Star Legend. Because of her exposure to music from different cultures and languages, Yan developed a strong musical sense and versatility. Fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese, Yan continues to move the audience with her awe-inspiring singing capabilities, which she conveys through the passion in R&B American-styled English songs, the subtle, delicate, intricate layers of emotion in Chinese songs, and the sophisticated bel canto style of classical music with her full, rounded, mellow voice. Yan's journey in music provides a strong platform for her to cultivate her own music interpretation, style, and tone.


Hong Kong Dance Drama Company
The Hong Kong Dance Drama Company was founded in 2013. Its experienced, outstanding creative team of Hong Kong artists is led by renowned Hong Kong choreographer Leung Kwok-shing, together they work towards the promotion of Chinese dance drama with Hong Kong character.

With Artistic Director Leung Kwok-shing at its helm, the Hong Kong Dance Drama Company fuses innovative, contemporary aesthetics with traditional Chinese dance, creating dance dramas that are multilayered, multidimensional and staccato in structure. The Company aims to promote the soul of Chinese culture and to evoke intellectual and emotional engagement with its productions. Leung has created Chinese dance dramas with Hong Kong character for close to 35 years and is instrumental in nurturing an audience for dance drama.

The Company aims to create innovative, original dance dramas on diverse subjects in collaboration with top dancers and arts organisations from mainland China, to establish and expand the market for dance drama. Following The Legend of the Condor Heroes, the Company presents a series of original dance dramas to set up a high-level platform for artistic exchange between Hong Kong and mainland Chinese artists, and to bring Chinese dance drama with Hong Kong character onto the world stage.


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