Drama Club Workshops

2014-08-05 18:30 - 2014-10-07 21:00

Drama Club Workshops

When: 5/19 Aug, 2/16 Sep, 7 Oct 2014 Tue 18:30/19:30; 21-22 Sep
Where: China Culture Center


Beijing Playhouse directors and drama teachers conduct monthly workshops to improve your theatre skills. Experienced and aspiring actors welcome. Come have some fun, drink some beers, and make new friends.


Summer Workshop Schedule

Theme When What
How To Audition 5 Aug Tue 18:30/19:30

Workshop Leader: Robin Hood director Chris Verrill

They'll teach you the basics for how to do your best at a theatre audition.

How To Sing for Stage 19 Aug Tue 18:30/19:30

Workshop Leader: Robin Hood musical director Stephannie Tebow

Almost everyone can sing. They'll show you how.

Simple Dance 2 Sep Tue 18:30/19:30 Workshop Leader: Robin Hood assistant choreographer Dana Novales

Dance in a Broadway show is usually simple. They make it easy.

Script Reading 16 Sep Tue 18:30/19:30 Workshop Leader: Wizard of Oz actor James Taverner

They'll read the entire Robin Hood script. Aspiring actors invited to give it a try in advance of September 21 and 22 Robin Hood auditions.

Robin Hood Auditions 21-22 Sep Sun-Mon /
Scratching the Stage 7 Oct Tue 18:30/19:30 Workshop Leader: Scratching Beijing director Thanh LeDang

Creating theatre from scratch.

*They're looking for a new drama club coordinator to organize the monthly workshops starting in October. At BP shows, actors' call is 18:30 and shows start at 19:30. So in that spirit, drama club socializing will start at 18:30 and the workshop will start at 19:30.


Robin Hood
Join Beijing Playhouse for song and dance this Christmas. A fairy tale for the children with a whole different level of humor for the adults-a Christmas comedy for adults and children alike. In true British comedy tradition, audience members are invited to cheer and boo and hiss as Robin, Maid Marion, and Friar Tuck rob from Santa and give to the poor. No, wait, that's not it. Uh, rob from the rich and give to Santa. Or something like that. Join the friends of Sherwood Forest as they help King John discover the magic of Christmas. Be prepared for a whole new zany twist on a classic story.


Add: Maple Drive-In complex, 21 Liangmaqiao, Chaoyang District, Beijing


*Information provided by the Beijing Playhouse

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