In/visible - Artwork by CHAN Sai-lok & HAO Lap-yan Benjamin

2014-07-16 18:00 - 2014-08-23 18:00

In/visible - Artwork by CHAN Sai-lok & HAO Lap-yan Benjamin

When: 16 Jul - 23 Aug 2014
Where: The A·lift Gallery
Opening Reception: 16 Jul 2014 Wed 18:00



This July the A·lift is proud to present 'In/visible' - a joint exhibition of CHAN Sai-lok and HAO Lap-yan Benjamin that showcases their mixed media paintings. The word 'visible' in Chinese is a phonogram (a character composed of a meaning element and a sound element) of which the components share a dependent relationship of 'discovery'. The duo-component of the Chinese character also symbolizes the characteristics of the artists' work.

In terms of the focus of attention CHAN focues on language and humanity while HAO is in favour of the nature. Yet they echo each other by extracting and deconstructing the iconic elements and have them reconstructed onto the canvas and silk scrolls. Tender, delicate and exquisite, the pictures freeze and capture a certain kind of status and atmosphere - leading audience to a blurred boundary between visible/invisible.

CHAN Sai-lok, A Poem from Lau Yee Ching

CHAN Sai-lok, A Poem from Lau Yee Ching (Detail); Wood, Luminous paint, Silk, acrylic board and Chinese ink, 2013

CHAN Sai-lok - Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts and Master of Arts in Fine Arts (Studio Art) and Gender Studies in Hong Kong Chinese University. The core of his artistic creation is the interplay of language and Chinese aesthetics. Working on the structural characteristics of Chinese characters, he creates the semi-stereoscopic characters made of transparent film. Sometimes he deconstructs the characters into different pieces and symbols and attach them onto the canvas and silk scrolls. Other times he takes on scholarly sentiment or urbanscape and matches it with quotations from contemporary literature or writings by artists. The interplay therefore puts the language in a designated situation. The multiple layers formed between the silk scroll and semi-stereoscopic transparent characters bring forth a delicate layout with a blurry, ambiguous visual effect. The characters and the pictures resembles the blending of two colours in water. The artistic creations reflect the artist's pursuit of literature and the relationship between Chinese culture and landscape. The interplay between the transparent characters and the scenery remind audience of the stills of a film. This bold attempt distinguishes the artworks from tradition Chinese paintings and carries a modern sense.

Work by HAO Lap-yan

Work by HAO Lap-yan

HAO Lap-yan Benjamin - a graduate from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology majoring in painting. The artworks in the exhibition are the portrayal of the nature from his travel experience: the rocks at the seaside, the interlocking grain of the trees, the corals at the shore…Blue and brown form the main tone of the pictures which is calm and soothing, and that could be interpreted as the projection of the artist's emotion. The delicate strokes and traces portray an aerial view which is both realistic and imaginative. The minor details of the nature are like the precious jade inside a stone which is to be discovered and polished by the artist. The picture seen by audience is a frozen moment and state of mind; however elapsed in an instant, the experience was captured and extended through the artistic creation.


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