Ngā Whanaunga 2014 - New Zealand International Film Festival 2014

2014-07-19 17:00 - 2014-08-09 16:15

Ngā Whanaunga 2014 - New Zealand International Film Festival 2014

When: 19 July - 9 Aug 2014, 17:00
Where: SKYCITY Theatre, Hoyts Riccarton, Hoyts Northlands 4, Rialto Cinemas Dunedin, Paramount, Soundings Theatre, Te Papa




A collection of Māori and Pasifika short films curated by Leo Koziol (Ngāti Kahungunu, Ngāti Rakaipaaka), Director of the Wairoa Māori Film Festival, with guest curator Craig Fasi (Niue), Director of the Pollywood Film Festival. This year's expression of 'Ngā Whanaunga', which means relatedness and connectedness between peoples, is once again realised with films from Aotearoa and the Pacific - stunning works made by big screen storytellers at the cutting edge.

*In English and Māori / 84 minutes


In The Rubbish Tin
Abandoned on her birthday, Pippa escapes into an imaginary world with her best friend Chubby.

Director: Riwia Brown
Producer: Catherine Fitzgerald
4 minutes / 2014


A father's sacrifice, a young boy's promise. The colours and hues of a Pacific Island shine through in this fable of fatherly love.

Director: Lennie Hill
Producer: Tiairani Drollet Le Caill
14 minutes / 2014


Pūmanawa: The Gift
A mother shares her own tragic past to stop her daughter repeating the same mistake.

Director: Poata Eruera
Producer: Tui Ruwhiu, Poata Eruera
13 minutes / 2013



When a young boy falls ill, a family turns to a tohunga for help. Unknowingly, a young girl bears witness to a world never meant for her.

Director: Rebecca Collins
Producers: Rebecca Collins, Marie Thompson
8 minutes / 2013


Ahi Kā
Left alone with just her spiritual guides, a young girl upholds the prestige of the tribe in order to protect the land for generations to come. Due to her brave deeds she is immortalised.

Director: Richard Curtis
Producer: Jillian White
15 minutes / 2014

Rising Dust

Rising Dust

Rising Dust
A hip-hop dance drama taken out of the city streets and into the historical, isolated, rural land of the Hokianga. With the help of his ancestors, a teenager on the cusp of adulthood stands up to his father and defends his place in his home.

Director: Jack Woon
Producer: Julia Parnell
Cast: David Rawiri-Pene, Rawiri Paratene, Harlen Hoani-Thompson
15 minutes / 2014


A Māori man enjoying the corporate life he has carved for himself in Sydney returns home for his father's funeral. Amidst the mourning, a challenge is laid before him.

Director: Darren Simmonds
Producer: Darren Simmonds, Ian Bowmer
Cast: Rob Mokaraka
15 minutes / 2014


Screening arrangements

City Time Venue Add
auckland Jul 19 Sat 5:00 PM SKYCITY Theatre Level 3, corner Hobson & Wellesley Street
Jul 22 Tue 1:30 PM

Aug 8 Fri 2:15 PM

Hoyts Riccarton Rotherham St, Riccarton, Christchurch 8011
Aug 9 Sat 2:15 PM Hoyts Northlands 4 Main North Road, Northlands Shopping Centre, Papanui
dunedin Aug 1 Fri 4:15 PM Rialto Cinemas Dunedin 11 Moray Place
dunedin Aug 2 Sat 3:45 PM Rialto Cinemas Dunedin 11 Moray Place
Wellington Aug 3 Sun 1:15 PM Paramount 25 Courtenay Place
Wellington Aug 4 Mon 11:00 AM Soundings Theatre, Te Papa Cable Street, Level 2, top of stairs sharp right


Ticket: $14.50 (Full) / $12.00 (Senior: 60+, Children: 15 and under)

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