New Zealand's Best 2014 - New Zealand International Film Festival 2014

2014-07-26 18:30 - 2014-08-16 16:00

New Zealand's Best 2014 - New Zealand International Film Festival 2014

When: 26 Jul - 16 Aug 2014, 18:30
Where: SKYCITY Theatre




For our third New Zealand's Best short film competition, NZIFF programmers Bill Gosden and Michael McDonnell viewed 115 submissions to make a shortlist of 12 from which filmmaker Andrew Adamson selected these six finalists. A jury of three will select the winners of the $5,000 Madman Entertainment Jury Prize and the $3,000 Friends of the Civic Award. A separate jury appointed by the New Zealand Cinematographers Society will present the inaugural Allen Guilford Cinematography Award of $2,000 and an engraved pan glass. The winner of the audience vote takes away the Audience Choice Award, consisting of 25 percent of the box office from the NZIFF screenings.

In English / 75 minutes


A beautifully painful story of peer pressure and betrayal. Well shot and well acted by the young cast, it's a very moving story that takes one back to the difficult years of childhood.

Director: Abigail Greenwood
Producer/Screenplay: Kate Prior
13 minutes / 2013


A unique take on a child escaping his surroundings. Good use of makeup and effects sets you up for a turn from the surreal to the tragically real. In the bleak New Zealand tradition the film is affecting and stays with you.

Director/Screenplay: Gregory King
Producer: Mhairead Connor
16 minutes / 2014


School Night
Hayley Sproull's performance is perfectly subtle as a sympathetically insecure young woman caught between youth and premature aging. A very complete and satisfying narrative that is rare in the short film format.

Directors/Screenplay: Leon Wadham, Eli Kent
Producers: Leon Wadham, Eli Kent, Tim Nuttall
13 minutes / 2014

Over the Moon

Over the Moon

Over the Moon
A witty and imaginative take on the 'battle of the sexes'. Cunningham has made great use of technology and whimsical production design to create a fun but pointed commentary on one of the many testosterone heavy occupations.

Director: James Cunningham
Producers: James Cunningham, Andrew Beattie, Oliver Hilbert
Screenplay: Karl Wills, Timothy Kidd, James Cunningham
7 minutes / 2013

Cold Snap

Cold Snap

Cold Snap
A well structured, beautifully shot, narrative… It leaves the audience contemplating life, death and pain - and how confusing such things can be for a child dealing with death every day.

Director: Leo Woodhead
Producer: Rebekah Kelly
Screenplay: Leo Woodhead, Paul Stanley Ward
11 minutes / 2013


Ross & Beth
A well crafted character study of aging rural New Zealand. Lovely subtle performances paint a sweet, sad and gentle story rooted in relatable characters.

Director/Screenplay: Hamish Bennett
Producer: Orlando Stewart
15 minutes / 2014


Screening arrangements

City Time Venue Add
auckland Jul 26 Sat 6:30 PM SKYCITY Theatre Level 3, corner Hobson & Wellesley Street
Jul 28 Mon 2:00 PM

Aug 16 Sat 2:30 PM

Hoyts Riccarton Rotherham St, Riccarton, Christchurch 8011
Aug 19 Tue 4:30 PM Hoyts Northlands 4 Main North Road, Northlands Shopping Centre, Papanui
Aug 5 Tue 6:30 PM Rialto Cinemas Dunedin 11 Moray Place
Aug 6 Wed 4:30 PM
wellington Jul 30 Wed 6:30 PM Paramount 25 Courtenay Place
Jul 31 Thu 1:45 PM
Aug 8 Fri 4:15 PM Paramount Bergman 25 Courtenay Place


Ticket: $14.50 (Full) / $12.00 (Senior: 60+, Children: 15 and under)

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