Retrospection / Perspective - Hong Kong Dance Company

2014-07-11 19:45 - 2014-07-13 16:20

Retrospection / Perspective - Hong Kong Dance Company

When: 11-12 Jul Fri-Sat 19:45, 12-13 Jul Sat-Sun 15:00 2014
Where: Sheung Wan Civic Centre

Retrospection / Perspective Poster


Retrospection / Perspective interprets the imagery of classical literature with the modern body and consciousness. In two acts, it begins with the ritual from the The Rite of Spring, a modern interpretation of the Chinese legend about the river god's wedding. The second half is entitled Scenery, a fleeting view of classical poems, lyrics and their imageries from modern eyes, realizing scenes of sorrow, waiting, longing and farewell made eternal for literature.


Director/Choreographer: Zhang Xiao Xiong
Choreographer/Dancer: Dancers of Hong Kong Dance Company
Assistant Director/Costume: Wu Chien Wei
Choreographic Adaptation: Wang Yuan Li
Rehearsal Assistant: Chen Chia Hung
Lighting Designer: Billy Tang


Tickets: $140
Tel: 852-28532689
Add: 345 Queens' Road Central, Hong Kong

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