DADA Beijing events for August 2014

2014-08-01 21:00 - 2014-08-30 23:00

DADA Beijing events for August 2014

When: 1 - 30 August, 2014 21:00
Where: Dada Bar - Beijing

Santo Chino

Santo Chino

Friday, August 1
Santo Chino's "Same As It Ever Was" - a night of pure, unabashed guilty disco pleasures, some yacht rawk, some muzak. He's your favorite DJ ever.


Saturday, Aug. 2 (*afternoon)
The Beatmakers production gathering. Come meet local music producers and recording artists, mingle, and learn about making music! Free and open to public, starts at 4pm.


Saturday, Aug. 2
Computer Love with Pei Sun, Kaize, PFAC, Tobias Wacker. Nu Disco, indie house, post-punk, and the lighter side of electro.


Sunday, Aug. 3
Dj Half n Half's birthday bash! This is going to be the most wild and wackiest Sunday night ever.


Thursday, Aug. 7
Seattle - based producer Nate McMilli joins the Raw Meat night with a live set of his smoky West Coast beats.

BB Deng

BB Deng

Friday, Aug. 8
Elvis T & BB Deng step up to the booth for a night of minimal, tech-house, and indie electro.


Saturday, Aug. 9
Kooky Soundsystem with DJs Boflex, ClubGawd, Justynn, Count of Monte Disco.


Friday, Aug. 15
DJ Compact Dicks and Cousin Kippy play 80s camp, post-punk nihilism, and stadium anthem rock greatest hits. Taste trumps talent!


Saturday, Aug. 16
DADA BEIJING 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY, 2 years of corrupting the youth of Beijing - lots of good DJs, and free drinks for the best dressed "animals". DJs Ralph Zuckermann, Compact Dicks, and more TBA.


Thursday, Aug. 21
Morse party with veterans Mickey Zhang and Dio, the dudes that do the YEN parties.


Friday, Aug. 22
MOCHIPET - Street Kids and Antidote present the mighty MOCHIPET [San Francisco] for a special Beijing-only gig. Glitch hop, breakcore, mash attack! Yauman supports. (50 RMB)



Saturday, Aug. 23
Syndicate Sessions / Blackie's birthday, with DJ Blackie, Clir, Kay C, Marsko, Elemental, Donkey Tonk. (30 RMB)


Friday, Aug. 29
Do Hits! party with special guest MIKE GAO, an upcoming beat producer from LA, plus Billy Starman, Guzz, Howie Lee, Veeeky. Bass, electro, UK house, etc. (50 RMB)


Saturday, Aug. 30
Goa Productions party - finish up the summer with the psy-trance kids, glow sticks optional but not encouraged. (30 RMB cover)


Tel: 18311080818
Add: 101 B building, 206 gulou east street, dongcheng District, Beijing

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