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湖南知名DJ,长沙最早一批的电子音乐推广者,成功参与组织了湖南影响力最大的户外游轮派对Freedom Trip,并连续3届亲自现场演出。从1997年入行开始,他的从业足迹遍布了大半个中国。多年来一直推崇跳舞至上的音乐理念,无论是HOUSE音乐还是TECHNO音乐他总能在派对的现场让你热舞不停,是湖南首屈一指的PARTY DJ。





He is a DJ/ChangSha MIDI CLUB owner, one of most famous DJ in Hunan, one of the first promoters of electronic music in Changsha, successfully participated and organized outdoor cruise party "Freedom Trip" (the most famous outdoor party in Hunan) and performed in person in three consecutive parties. Since 1997, his musical footprint has crossed more than half of china.

As a first-class PARTY DJ with the idea of dance first, he can always make you can't stop in the party whether it is HOUSE or TECHNO. Realized it is the UNDERGROUND electronic dance music that keeps his enthusiasm by more than 10 years experience, he and his friends started the Midi Club in 2013. Midi Club, the first and the unique club with UNDERGROUND electronic dance theme music in Hunan, will launch Dance with sounds series of party that regularly invite well-known domestic and foreign DJ and electronic music to performance, by which more and more people will join the party to know and love electronic dance music culture.

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