The McLaren Award: New British Animation 1 & 2 - Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014

2014-06-22 20:50 - 2014-06-26 19:28

The McLaren Award: New British Animation 1 & 2 - Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014

When: 22 June 2014 Sun 20:50, 26 June 2014 Thu 18:15
Where: Filmhouse 1

My Stuffed Granny

My Stuffed Granny

2014爱丁堡国际电影节(Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014)

The McLaren Award: New British Animation 1

Who will win the prestigious 25th McLaren Award for Best British Animation?

2014 not only marks the centenary of legendary UK-born animator Norman McLaren, but the year in which EIFF recognises the 25th recipient of the McLaren Award for Best British Animation, the oldest established award of its kind. Since 1990, Britain's exceptional animators have competed for this coveted prize, whose winners have included Oscar winners and Peppa Pig creators. The 2014 selection continues this institution of bringing you the best UK-produced animation, with the winner of the award determined by your vote!


My Stuffed Granny
Effie Pappa/UK/2014/9 min

A Recipe For Gruel
Sharon Smith/UK/2013/11 min

Two Films About Loneliness
Christopher Eales, Will Bishop-Stephens/UK/2014/5 min

Avocado Bear
Thomas Fraser/UK/2014/7 min

Bjorn-Erik Aschim/UK/2014/1 min

Domestic Appliances
Lewis Bolton/UK/2014/3 min

Goodness Newness Oldness Badness
Mikey Please/UK/2014/2 min

Penismouse (Myszochujek)
Kristof Babaski/Poland, UK/2014/6 min

Monkey Love Experiments
Ainslie Henderson, Will Anderson/UK/2014/9 min

Port Nasty
Rob Zywietz/UK/2014/9 min

Mr Plastimime
Daniel Greaves/UK/2014/10 min


The McLaren Award: New British Animation 2

Reflections on identity, memory and remembrance.

EIFF has reached the landmark 25th McLaren Award for Best British Animation during the centenary year of the award's namesake, Norman McLaren. Decided by public vote, this is your chance to boost the career of one of our nominated directors. This crop of outstanding short films produced in the UK contributes to themes of contemplation and commemoration with a diverse programme of work drawing on observation, personality, bereavement, and - in the year which also marks the centenary of the First World War - remembrance.


Through the Hawthorn
Gemma Burditt, Pia Borg, Anna Benner/UK/2014/9 min

Ross Hogg/UK/2013/4 min

Terra Infirma
Betsy Dadd/UK/2013/5 min

Fruit Fruit
Peter Millard/UK/2013/3 min

The Brothers McLeod/UK/2013/7 min

The Bigger Picture
Daisy Jacobs/UK/2014/7 min

Lost Property
Åsa Lucander/UK/2014/6 min

Separate Lives
Mayra Hernández Ríos/UK/2014/6 min

Nest of Stone
Kim Noce/UK/2014/7 min

Stephen McNally/UK/2013/3 min

Mend and Make Do
Bexie Bush/UK/2014/8 min

Sea Front
Claire Lamond/UK/2014/8 min


Price: £5
Add: 88 Lothian Road, Edinburgh, UK

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