Phantom Landscapes - Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014

2014-06-25 18:20 - 2014-06-28 17:42

Phantom Landscapes - Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014

When: 25 Jun Wed 18:20, 28 Jun Sat 16:10 2014
Where: Cameo 3

Adeline For Leaves

Adeline For Leaves

2014爱丁堡国际电影节(Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014)

A journey that leads the eye evocatively through landscape and characters that suffuse strange, wondrous and dreamlike elements.

Five incandescent examples of moving image acting as a conductor through which rich evocations of ideas, dreams and mythical landscapes may manifest and weave seamlessly. This cinematic ramble circumnavigates conventional notions of time and space to examine alchemical experiments within chemistry and botany, adopts experiential approaches to the cinematic invocation of environment and drifts through a Chinese folktale charting a holy man's two-century wanderlust.

Grand Union
Roger Hyams/UK/2013/7 min
Traversing London's twisting Grand Union Canal by bicycle, the solo cyclist attempts to distil the visual and sensory essence of the route as he pedals onwards.

Into the Innards (In die Innereien)
Nicole Vögele/Germany, Switzerland/2013/20 min
Peering into nooks and crannies and instructing the viewer to "let your mind wander", Vögele presents a rhapsodic 16mm film rumination upon experiential approaches to the meaningful cognizance of landscape.

Adeline for Leaves
Jessica Sarah Rinland/UK/2014/14 min
Interrogating memory, horticultural, and philosophical elements through her endeavors, 11-year-old botanical prodigy Adeline's mission is to propagate the mythical blue-flowering Echinopsis Subdenudata.


Working to Beat the Devil
Chu-Li Shewring, Adam Gutch/UK/2014/27 min
Fragments of personal recitation and dreamlike hallucinations interweave in the overlapping interior and exterior experiences of an ageing scientist, desperately toiling to recover the now elusive discoveries he made long ago.


Borne By The Birds
Marko Tadic/Finland, Croatia/2013/13 min
A Chinese holy man's drift through the spectral spaces of several centuries and manifold continents is evoked through the ingenious repurposing of vintage, scenic postcards.


Tickets: £5
Tel: 0044-0871-9025723
Add: 38 Home St, Edinburgh, UK

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