Ethics - Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014

2014-06-25 16:30 - 2014-06-29 19:45

Ethics - Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014

When: 25 Jun Wed 16:30, 29 Jun Sun 18:30 2014
Where: Cameo 3

Broken Tongue

Broken Tongue

2014爱丁堡国际电影节(Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014)

These powerful experimental documentaries oscillate between intellectual objectivity and discomforting proximity. Confronting past events, present predicaments and potential futures, the films deal with race, discrimination, marginality, cultural difference, technology and science. Rather than asking the spectator to take up a fixed position, these works open up a space for personal reflection.

Broken Tongue
Mónica Savirón/USA/2013/3 min
Referencing the history of slavery and migration, the powerful fragmentary combination of sound and image elicits a form of embodied political awareness.

Sugarcoated Arsenic
Claudrena Harold, Kevin Jerome Everson/USA/2013/20 min
A cinematic reflection upon the vibrant dialogue and intellectual exchange facilitated by the pioneering Black Studies programme at the University of Virginia during the 1970s.


Mahdi Fleifel/UK, Greece, Denmark/2013/12 min
A visceral expression of the marginality and intense alienation experienced by a group of itinerant Palestinian migrants whose hopes for a better life in Greece have been dashed by the desperate economic climate.


I Was Five When I Became A Woman
Maryam Tafakory/UK/2013/4 min
Powerful in its ambiguity, this film tells of an emotionally traumatic cultural practice still inflicted on young girls around the world.

Per Eriksson, Alexander Rynéus/Sweden/2014/14 min
Technological advances are narrowing the distance between cyborgs implanted with artificial intelligence systems and actual human beings, and resultantly the parameters delineating reality and fabrication are becoming increasingly confused.


Guillaume Cailleau/Germany/2014/21 min
A film team documents the activities of an Oncological Research Centre in Berlin. In a compelling subversion of documentary objectivity, attention is drawn to various analogue recording techniques, creating an unsettling proximity to the subject.


Tickets: £5
Tel: 0044-0871-9025723
Add: 38 Home St, Edinburgh, UK

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