City and Wilderness - Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014

2014-06-21 18:30 - 2014-06-23 17:51

City and Wilderness - Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014

When: 21 Jun Sat 18:30, 23 Jun Mon 16:40 2014
Where: Cameo 3

Winter Still

Winter Still

2014爱丁堡国际电影节(Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014)

An interrogation of the artistic and political context of the cities and landscapes of our everyday lives.

A sideways excursion into the topography of human habitats, upending familiar perceptions and depictions of the places where we enact our lived experience. Representations of the city as a bewitching edge-land, at once hospitable and formidable, are juxtaposed with existences that tug at the wild and dreamlike edges of society: displaced individuals who inhabit floating temples or drift across vast, menacing natural wildernesses.


Within & Without (Sans dehors ni dedans)
Joëlle Desjardins Paquette/Canada/2013/15 min
In a storage facility, nestled beneath a railway bridge, a mother and her son attempt to carve out a small place of sanctuary amid this transient, desolate urban environment.


Little Black Fish (Küçük kara baliklar)
Azra Deniz Okyay/Turkey, France/2013/27 min
Through the layering of closely-observed, overlapping narratives, the sometimes fragmentary, yet frequently joyous experiences of three marginalized citizens are vividly evoked.


The Palace on the Sea
Midi Z/Taiwan/2014/15 min
A floating palace, hovering liminally betwixt dream and reality, creates a conduit through which two displaced individuals may explore senses of remembrance and reflection.


Winter (Zima)
Cristina Picchi/Russia/2013/13 min
A lyrical evocation of the harsh and unforgiving beauty embodied by the Russian landscape in the biting, crepuscular winter months.


Tickets: £5
Tel: 0044-0871-9025723
Add: 38 Home St, Edinburgh, UK

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