The Sregnis Singers Unaccompanied独行「合唱侠」- Musicarama 2009音乐新文化

2009-11-15 20:00 - 22:00


15.11.2009 (Sunday) 8pm

Sheung Wan Civic Centre Theatre上环文娱中心剧院

Tickets票价: HK$150, $100

Musicarama 2009音乐新文化

Appraised as “very well-polished in tone and style” by The King’s Singers and “The Hong Kong equivalent of the Swingle Singers” by the Japanese media, Sregnis Singer is the first a cappella ensemble in Hong Kong. In addition to performing several recent works by local young composers in this concert, the ensemble will also include re-arranged popular songs as well as folk songs for a cappella singing, and collaborate with two local Chinese musicians in two commissioned works. A must-attend concert for new musical concepts!

本地无伴奏合唱鼻祖「合唱侠」,曾被英皇合唱团赞誉为「音色、风格皆十分精炼」,及被日本传媒赞誉为「香港的Swingle Singers」。是此音乐会中除了演唱多首本地年轻作曲家的近作,亦为一些耳熟能详的流行音乐和民谣改编无伴奏合唱版本,同场与两名中乐好手协作演奏两首委约作品,意念新颖,必能让观众有崭新的体验。


Austin Yip叶浩                                                                  Lu Chai鹿柴 (2009)
Ricky Tse谢建铨                                                              Two Short Pieces for Voices两首短篇歌 (2009)*
John Lennon and Paul McCartney连侬/麦卡尼
(Arr. by Bob Chilcott编曲:乔确特)                               Yesterday昨天
Li Cheong李昌                                                                Coming Home回家 (2009)*
                                                                                           Sheng笙: Pang Hong-tai彭康泰
Traditional English Nursery Rhymes传统英格兰童谣(Arr. by Paul Hart编曲:赫特)
                                                                                           Humpty Dumpty Medley跳跳蛋
Julian Chan陈玉彬                                                         Three pussy Cats三只小猫咪 (2008)
Viola Yuen阮慧玲                                                            Nostalgia茫 (2008)
Tam Chin-fai谭展辉                                                       Kuang Fu狂夫 (2009)*
                                                                                          Yangqin扬琴: Bryan Lai赖应斌
John Lennon and Paul McCartney连侬/麦卡尼
(Arr. by Ward Swingle编曲:史云高)                          When I am sixty-four当我六十四岁
Issac Hui许德彰                                                             Two Lines寒塘月冷 (2008)
Joyce Tang邓慧中                                                         There’s a Certain Slant of Light一束斜光 (2009)*
(Arr. by Ward Swingle编曲:史云高)                          Flight of the Bumble Bees马蜂乱舞
Toru Takemitsu 武满彻                                                All That the Man Left Behind When He Died人死所遗 (1965)

* Commissioned by Hong Kong Composers’ Guild in 2009 with sponsorship from CASH Music Fund此作品於2009年由香港作曲家联会委约,费用由「CASH音乐基金」赞助


Programme Enquiries节目搜索:2722-1630
Ticketing Enquiries & Reservations电话留座:2734-9009


Presented by主办: Hong Kong Composers’ Guild Ltd.  
Supported by资助: Hong Kong Arts Development Council
Sponsored by赞助: Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong Ltd.  


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