Play: Doubt - The 5th Beijing Nanluoguxiang Performing Arts Festival

2014-07-21 19:30 - 2014-07-24 21:30

Play: Doubt - The 5th Beijing Nanluoguxiang Performing Arts Festival

When: 21- 24 July 2014, Mon - Thur 19:30
Where: Orient House theater - Hall 1

 Chen Jie

Director: Chen Jie



Doubt takes place in 1964 in a church school in New York, USA. Sister Aloysius has doubts about whether Father Flynn sexually assaulted an African-American student Donald. She stands up to protect the Church and the belief in his innocence. The only evidence she has is the occasional observations of young Sister James and her instinct, while Father Flynn is one of the few charismatic and respectable teachers in school. Is there really evil under the vestments of the priest? Or he is simply a victim of Sister Aloysius‘s struggle of belief?


Director: Chen Jie
Majored in Western art with a master‘s degree in Literature from Renmin University of China and a doctorate degree in film from the University of Sussex in Britain. He is a national know director. Theater plays: Faust(selection), The Birthday Party , Fear (Script Reading),One Kind of Poison. Main film works: film This Side of Heaven (The Best Long Story Award from the 25th French Female Film Festival; Panel Award from the 7th French Discovery Path), TV series: Legendary Tang Dynasty, Romantic Shanghai. Documentary: Wild China  (4 Emmy Awards).

 John Patrick Shanley

Playwright: John Patrick Shanley

Playwright: John Patrick Shanley
He was born in 1950 in New York, his father is Irish. He spent his childhood and youth in a Catholic mission school. In 1977 he graduated from New York University with a degree in drama, and began his career as dramatist. Until now he has created almost 30 dramas, one with a record 80 performances in a single year, some of which he directed himself. Shanley is also a famous screenwriter for films. His Moonstruck was awarded the Best Original Screenplay in 1988 Oscar Awards. Doubt represents the climax of Shanley‘s creation. In 2005 this play was awarded with Pulitzer Prize, Tony Award, The New York Drama Critics' Circle Award 3 main drama awards. In 2008 Doubt was adapted to film, with 4 more Oscar nominations and 4 Golden Globe Awards nominations.


Performance Group
Big Wooden Boat Drama Studio is based on art teaching experiences in the Zhejiang Media College and directed by Chen Jie as a new drama studio platform. It is a very important exploration, trying to break through traditional education and the cultural art market. They focus on adapting classics into innovative new dramas and contemporary experimental dramas with the intention of bringing together students and new graduates with richly experienced professional performers. Focusing on the creation of dramas, the group balances practice and creativity with business marketing. The studio represents the dramatist‘s professionalism, the artist‘s freedom, and their vast potential. Doubt is the first work from Big Wooden Boat Drama Studio.


Presented by: Zhejiang Media Institute
Producer: Xian Ming
Executive Producer: Yang Fuyao, Xian Ming
Director: Chen Jie
Playwright: John Patrick Shanley
Translator: Hu Kaiqi
Main Actress: Zhu Lin , Fang Xu, Li Peipei, Sun Yiming
Stage Design: Yang Xingshi
Lighting Design: Wang Jingjing
Music: Marco Pejanovic


Ticket: 50 (Student) /100/380 (Five theater ticket deals)RMB
Tel: 010-64022966
Add: No. 47 Longfu Temple Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing


*Information provided by Penghao Theatre


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