AV@AR 3.0: The art of French new media @ Cmoda - 2014 Festival Croisements

2014-05-31 09:00 - 2014-06-22 17:00

AV@AR 3.0: The art of French new media @ Cmoda - 2014 Festival Croisements

When: 31 May - 22 June 2014
Where: China Millennium Monument Museum of Digital Arts

 The art of French new media @ Cmoda

专题:2014中法文化之春 Festival Croisements 2014
AV@AR 3.0: L'art des nouveaux médias français @ Cmoda - Festival Croisements 2014

For its third edition, the AV@AR exhibition, organised by CModa, will present a variety of approaches to French and Chinese new media.

Cmoda has invited the French curator Nicolas Rosette to direct this artistic dialogue. His artistic focus, which is just as grounded in optical art as in digital arts and video games, clearly conforms with AV@AR's original vision.

The exhibition presents works from strongly semi-immersive approaches, inviting the audience to evolve in fictional digital or luminous perspectives. Instead of being a demonstration of technical power, it explores subtlety of perception, confusion of the senses and symbolic games, inciting poetry and contemplation.

Artist: Méris Angioletti, Hugo Arcier, Damien Aspe, Philippe Gérard, Tomek Jarolim, Barthélémy Antoine Loef, Jean-Benoit Lallemant, Laurent Pernot, One Life Remains, Shi Danqing, Antoine Schmitt, Xiang Yandong, Wang Chengliang, Zhou Yan.


Opening Hours: 10:00-17:00 (Tue-Sun)
Add: No.9 A, Fu Xing Road, Haidian District, Beijing


*Information provided by 2014 Festival Croisements


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