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而Squareloud最主要的创作重心还是以Electronic、future rock、drum&bass电子舞曲这些风格为主的音乐,2013年他们发行了单曲《hypernova》《BTTB》以及两位成员各自的混音作品,并在许多派对活动和DJ演出中频频现身;2013年底,他们与音乐人彭坦合作的混音作品收录于EP《彭坦+电子天才游戏计划》,并参与其跨年演出。





Squareloud is a Beijing-based Electronic music duo which formed in 2011. It consists of Tunelee and idmonn,two talented music producers who developed intense interests in music since their very youth.

Since their collaboration,they threw themselves vigorously into almost all kinds of crossover art projects,including original soundtracks of feature films and animation, advertising music for Dell and BMW,TV commercial music for Power Station of Art,contemporary dance dramas'composing,original music for new media artist's online game and 3D animation ,and was invited to join Nike X 158 party and Converse Rubber Studio lecture;or they just ingeniously turned an art exhibition into a crazy carnival party. They have shown their undoubted music talent and skills in various stages.

Among these jobs above,their main focus is to produce their own music which dominated by electronic,future rock,drum&bass and electronic dance music style,they have released two singles "hypernova"and "BTTB",and both of them have published their own mixtape projects.They have also garnered attention in a lot of parties and DJ gigs .At the end of 2013,they remixed a song for musician Pengtan's EP "Pengtan+Electron Talent Game Project" and performed in his new year's eve concert.

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