MoCA Creative Salon: Lost in The Essence of Old Shanghai Furniture

2014-04-25 14:00 - 2014-05-31 18:00

MoCA Creative Salon: Lost in The Essence of Old Shanghai Furniture

When: To be determined
Where: 3F, MoCA Shanghai

Lost in The Essence of Old Shanghai Furniture


Two young men's partnership in shade design is inspired from the essence of old Shanghai furniture, which is blend of feature from Nordic modern furniture and Japanese furniture, and created a whole wood independent design brand. Old Shanghai furniture combines the individual furniture feature of Ming and Qing Dynasty and the Occident's. Since 1920s, those Chinese artisans who imitated European furniture before, had made their own fusion of art and practical furniture. Towards the modern furniture, the old Shanghai furniture has a surprising advantage in usability and humanity. What's more, the understanding and utilization of the wood are more mature. Shade design features from the old Shanghai furniture, and derives a various elements. It's a tribute as well as a dialogue.


Speaker: Qian Xiaokun (columnist, culture and cuisine, Jack of all trades in Shanghai).
Guests: Li Cheng , shade design designer, adpersonin , painter.


Tickets: 25RMB(Student)/50RMB(General)/Free(Members)
Tel: 021-63279900
Add: People's Park, 231 Nanjing West Road, Shanghai


*Information provided by MoCA Shanghai


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