Gun Porn


Gun Porn

Gun Porn

一个乱七八糟的乐队,手里有各种枪支。过了一会,一辆校车,有着凝重的黄色光泽,随意停在了开阔的草地上。六千次射击后,巴士已由艺术家Viktor Mitic转化为一个暴力、政治和艺术的反直觉混搭作品。


导演/制片/编辑/摄影:Brahm Rosensweig


Gun Porn


A band of scruffy types mill blithely about, shot guns and semi-automatics in hand. Moments later, a school bus, dignified in its yellow lustre, is wheeled unceremoniously onto the open grass field. Six thousand rounds later, the bus has been transformed by artist Viktor Mitic into a counter-intuitive mash-up of violence, politics and art.


Director/Producer/Editor/Cinematographer: Brahm Rosensweig
10 Minutes/2013/Canada


2014 Hot Docs电影节(Hot Docs 2014)

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