AC Slater

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AC Slater

AC Slater

Trouble & Bass旗下的AC Slater近年来迅速蹿红成为最受关注的Remixer和制作人。从90年代Hio-Hop和Old School Rave中吸取精华,从Happy Hardcore转换到Freeform,AC把多种音乐风格相结合创造出了属于他自己独一无二的范儿。AC Slater是世界上最被关注的DJ之一,他的作品频繁出现在全世界的广播电台中。并得到了世界级音乐人Moby、Armand van Helden、Crookers、Diplo和Laidback Luke的赞赏与支持。


AC Slater

 AC Slater

AC Slater, also known as Aaron Clevenger, has quickly become one of the most sought after remixers and producers. Raised on 90's Hip-Hop and nourished by old school rave, AC has cultivated these influences to give birth to his own style of music production. One of the top blogged dance artists in the world, AC's tracks can be frequently heard on radio stations worldwide.

Part of the infamous Brooklyn based Trouble & Bass label and DJ crew, AC is constantly touring globally leaving a wake of ecstatic crowds and loyal supporters.

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