Danny Flora

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Danny Flora

Danny Flora

Danny Flora,英国人,现居地:中国北京,职业:DJ/音乐制作人。主打音乐风格:House、Electro和Techno。

Danny Flora从小就对音乐有着浓厚的兴趣,因偶然的机会从事起DJ行业,入行至今已有超过10年的时间。音乐的多样性与唱盘主义元素的结合,使得Danny成为北京顶尖的DJ之一。凭借丰富的混音技术和熟练的捕捉现场气氛的经验,以及将不同风格音乐融合的创新能力,从而使他能够取悦各种不同的观众,足迹遍布欧洲,中国大陆、香港及东南亚国家。他的多元化音乐推动着国内音乐的时尚潮流。在未来的日子会继续致力于创造更多元化的音乐作品。


Danny Flora


A regular in the China scene Danny is a well known DJ about town with numerous residencies and countless parties. He's made a name for himself with his impressive musical variety and versatility. No event is too big, no venue is too small. He always comes prepared with the right music for any situation.

Like his sets, his musical Influences are wide and varied. Unconstrained by genres, he manages to seamlessly fuse all types of electronic music to make his own unique sound. A firm believer in innovation, you'll often see him using the latest digital DJ technology, creating new and inventive sounds.

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