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2007年,X.L.F.开始回避没有情绪曲线的“现场感”,整体以minimal风格为代表的德式电子音乐成为他的新分水岭,冷静的曲目安排形成一条独特的Set曲线,突出音色的质感并强调速度控制,对节奏的把握更趋于理性。同年9月X.L.F.与其他几位心有戚戚的好友共同组建了中国电音厂牌Acupuncture Records(针刺疗法),主推标榜“稳,准,狠”风格的Techno(科技舞曲)音乐,致力发展本土市场。X.L.F.用音乐拥抱人群,以国人无可望其项背的节奏和音色、感觉和气氛,来迎接跳舞这种身体表达。




X.L.F. (Xiao Linfeng), Beijing's pinnacle promoter, DJ, and recording artist, is most recognized for his diverse range of electronic music styles. Known for his synthesizer programming and rhythmic grooves, his selective sound has continually evolved over the years. Effused from progressive trance, acid house, tech-house, and minimal techno,X.L.F.'s music has reached beyond states of classification today. As a DJ, X.L.F. creates a "sense of audio history", and is skilled in the art of harmonizing colliding genres; from warm funk to psychedelic acid, violent Techno to abstract Cologne "academism"; each one of his sets is a unique tale of intrigue.

In 2006 Xiao Linfeng set up his "electronic orchestra" to create a unique installment of trance with the full length album release of. The following year marked a watershed moment for X.L.F. as he began to embrace the German minimal techno sound. 2007 was also the year he helped co-found Acupuncture Records, China's premiere independent electronic music label. The original group made up of 8 DJs was cultivated during private sessions at X.L.F.'s recording studio on the outskirts of Beijing.

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