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Veeeky是Bounce Girlz的一半,而另外一个成员是台湾电子摇滚乐团Go Chic的Sonia。2012年旅居伦敦后,Veeeky有更多的机会探索新的声音,进而奠定她自己独特的选曲方式。

Bounce Girlz组成于2008年,Bounce Girlz是推动台湾电子舞曲新潮流的一员,不论是从早期的Nu-Rave/Electro到后来Electro House/Bassline/Grime,乃至现在的UK Funky/UK Techno/House,他们一直走在台湾舞曲场景的前端。凭着锐利、有趣的眼光和对音乐的独特喜好,之前举办了一些乐团、DJ的好玩活动、如Shitdisco、DesignerDrugs、Lowbrows等艺人在台北的疯狂派对。

另一部份的她们则是两个人back to back DJ组合。两个人对一切总是非常喜新厌旧和挑剔的个性,为大家带来又前卫又有生命力的曲风;而DJ的技巧以为观众带来意想不到的tune出名,从当今最前卫的UK Bass/Garage接到90年代的Euro Dance,穿插一些old skool的breaks或R&B,当然还有大家嚷嚷上口的80's Disco,穿越时代且groovy的选曲可以让人从摇摆到弹跳。于是Bounce Girlz DJ Set出没于各大小派对,她们在台北、中国北京等音乐节表演、也被许多国内外知名艺人邀请一起在派对演出。




Veeeky is the cofounder of bounce girlz(BxxG), Taipei, Taiwan, with Sonia from Go Chic. After Relocating to London, she has more chances to explore new sounds and further establish her own way of selection of music.

Bounce Girlz founded in 2008, Bounce Girlz have given fresh impetus to the Taiwanese electronic music movement. Being on the cutting edge of Taiwan dance music scene, they started from the loving of Nu rave/Electro to Electro House/Bassline/Grime, and currently are deeply into UK Funky/UK Techno/House. With sharp and snappy insight into music selection as well as unique taste of music preference, they accumulate their reputation greater and greater. On stage, they play back to back with each other, and since their nature of craving for new sounds, they always bring a vigorous and progressive set to the crowd.

They are known for their unexpected mixing selection, ranging from the latest Techno/House trend to some 90's Euro Dance mixed up with Oldskool Breaks blended with classic disco hits, breaking the boundary of genre through time and space and fill the audience with astonishment one after another song. No matter you are a gentle swinger or a hard bouncer, you can always find a spot in their set. Gaining their fame rapidly around all kinds of parties soon, they have been played in one of the biggest festival in Beijing "Modern Sky festival" and  many big events in Taiwan such as "Spring Scream", and also have been invited to play with noted artist such as Major Lazer, Jack Beats, Designer Drugs,  NT89, Mark Pritchard, Mustard Pimp, Evil Nine, etc and many Japanese artist like Takkyu Ishino, Dexpistols, The Lowbrows, DJ Kyoko, Verbal & Mademoiselle Yulia, M.S.K to name a few.

Aside from DJing, they also run several of most musically forward events enjoyed and impressed by people in Taipei, including overseas artist like Designer Drugs from New York, The Lowbrows from Japan, Vicarious Bliss from Ed Banger records and the british band "Shitdisco".

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