Sinfonia Voci Wind Symphony - 2014 Hong Kong Youth Symphonic Band Annual Concert

2014-05-06 15:00 - 17:00

Sinfonia Voci Wind Symphony - 2014 Hong Kong Youth Symphonic Band Annual Concert

When: 6 May Tue 15:00
Where: Auditorium, Tsuen Wan Town Hall

Sinfonia Voci Wind Symphony Poster


The Hong Kong Youth Symphonic Band shares the stage with two guest performing groups Hong Kong Oratorio Society, Hong Kong Polytechnic University Students' Union Choir in its annual concert to present a fabulous band programme ranging from classics to contemporary works to explore the Truth, Goodness and Beauty.


Guest Conductor: Prof. Chan Wing-wah
Conductor: Pak Wing-heng, Lee Sing-wan, Kevin Ling
Soloists: Dr. Darran Ho (Clarinet), Janice Ho (Oboe)


Hong Kong Youth Symphonic Band
Romanian Overture - Thomas Doss, Conductor: Lee Sing-wan
Concertino for Oboe and Winds in C Major - Carl Maria von Weber, Oboe Soloist: Janice Ho, Conductor: Lee Sing-wan
Maze - Austin Yip, Conductor: Kevin Ling
Rubicon - Bert Appermont, Conductor: Pak Wing-heng
Turandot - Selections from the Opera Puccini/ arr. Yo Goto, Conductor: Pak Wing-heng
I Popolo di Pechino!
II Gira la cote!
III Nessun Dorma
IV La mia vittoria - La terza risposta
V Diecimila anni nostro Imperatore
VI Padre augusto
Concerto for Clarinet and Wind Ensemble
III Riffs for Lenny - Frank Ticheli, Clarinet Soloist: Dr. Darren Ho, Conductor: Pak Wing-heng
Hong Kong Youth Symphonic Band, Hong Kong Oratorio Society and
Hong Kong Polytechnic University Students' Union Choir
To the Stars! - Nigel Hess, Conductor: Prof. Chan Wing-wah
Sinfonia Voci - I Sing the Mighty Power of God! - David Holsinger, Conductor: Prof. Chan Wing-wah


Hong Kong Youth Symphonic Band
The Hong Kong Youth Symphonic Band, trained and managed by the Music Office, was formed in 1978. The Band has successfully nurtured several generations of young musicians, creating a wider interest in and reception of band music in Hong Kong.

In 1978, the Hong Kong Youth Symphonic Band gave its debut with the visiting County of Avon School Orchestra. Since then, the Band has had the privilege of performing with a number of distinguished guest musicians and bands both in Hong Kong and overseas, among which included the Central Band of the United Kingdom Royal Air Force, the Tanunda Band of Australia, the Regimental Band of the Green Jackets, the Scots Guards of the United Kingdom, the Narashino Girls' High School Band from Japan, the Baden-Württernberg Youth Wind Ensemble, and a number of youth bands from Canada, Japan, Australia, Philippines and Singapore. Noted conductors like Bruce Pearson, Dr. Vondis Miller and Robert Lutt from the USA, Eric Banks from the UK, Felix Hauswirth from Switzerland, Russell Hammond from Australia and Li Fang-fang from Beijing had also contributed much to the refinement of the Band.

In 1986, the Band went on a highly successful concert tour to Japan. In 1990, the Band was invited to participate in the Fifth Pacific Basin Festival in Hawaii, USA. In 1993, the Band visited Australia to give a number of performances in concerts and music exchanges. In 1994, the Band was invited by the Hong Kong Outstanding Young Persons' Association to perform in the "Arts in the Park". The Band participated in the 2001 Jeju Summer Band Festival organised by the Jeju City of Korea and won high acclaims from critics. In 2008, the Band was invited by the Kagoshima Prefectural Government, Japan to go on a concert tour for cultural exchange. In 2013, the Band participated in the Jeju International Wind Ensemble Festival and won high acclaims from local critics, professional artists and composers.

The Hong Kong Youth Symphonic Band has currently a total of 80 members between the ages of 12 and 25 and is trained and managed by Pak Wing-heng, Lee Sing-wan, Kevin Ling and Hanson Tsang. Recruitment is held annually by open audition.


Hong Kong Oratorio Society
The Hong Kong Oratorio Society (HKOS) was founded in 1956 by Wong Ming-tung and a group of music enthusiasts who believed that singing beautiful music would bring joy to the singers and the listeners alike, help enhancing the personal quality and provide citizens with rich spiritual and cultural life. The HKOS takes its name from its favourite genre of repertoire, the oratorio, which refers to extended choral works with religious or mythological stories.

In recent years, the HKOS has commissioned composers, such as Chan Wing-wah, Victor Chan and Huang An-lun to write music. The first conductor of the choir was Frank Huang who was then succeeded by Dr. Wong Wing-hee serving as Principal Conductor and Conductor Emeritus. The present Music Director, Prof. Chan Wing-wah took over the baton since 1995. Guided by generations of great musicians, the HKOS has become the most active choir with the longest history in Hong Kong. It usually presents five concerts per year with a total of more than three hundred concerts presented over the past years.

Its repertoire covers oratorios and major choral works by classical and contemporary composers. They include the masterpieces of Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Mendelssohn and Chinese composers Xian Xinghai and Huang Zi. Many of these works were debuted in Hong Kong. The HKOS has also gone on overseas tours to Canada, Israel, the Philippines, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore as well as many major cities in Mainland China. The Central Ballet Symphony Orchestra of Beijing, Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra, Macao Orchestra, Taiwan Symphony Orchestra, Hong Kong Sinfonietta, City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra had collaborated with the HKOS.


Hong Kong Polytechnic University Students' Union Choir
Formerly named Polytechnic Choir with its establishment in 1971, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Students' Union Choir (HKPUSU Choir) was renamed since 1995 as with the college. Having a wide variety in its performing repertoire, such as classical music, modern music, sacred music and pop music, the HKPUSU Choir focuses on promoting a cappella singing on pop song in recent years and it is the first choir among all the college and university choirs to form a show choir.

The HKPUSU Choir has been maintaining its high performing standard and was awarded the Champion of the Open Classes of the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival in 2005, 2006 and 2011, the first runner-up and second runner-up in 2010 and 2012 respectively. The Annual Concert of the HKPUSU Choir is one of the most important events to the Choir in order to share music and its achievement throughout the year with the public.


Ticketing Enquiries: 852-37616661
Credit Card Telephone Booking: 852-21115999
Internet Booking:
Programme Enquiry: 852-27967523/852-25825311


Tickets: $80/60/40 (Half-price tickets for full-time students, people with disabilities and the minder, senior citizens aged 60 or above and Comprehensive Social Security Assistance recipients)
Tel: 852-24140144
Add: 72 Tai Ho Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T., Hong Kong


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