Flat Foot乐队

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Flat Foot乐队

Flat Foot乐队

瑞典摇滚乐队Flat Foot(扁平足)成立于2007年1月,四个成员是因为厌倦了总是给别人当伴奏的陪衬身份而走到一起。第一张专辑《Cold Case》马上就广受界内人士的关注,自此乐队在瑞典本国以及欧洲范围进行了几百场演出。全球范围的广播电台也开始播放Flat Foot乐队的歌曲,他们的乐迷群体日益增多,演出规模也越来越大。他们曾为赫赫有名的Status Quo、Dwight Yokam或DAD这样级别的乐队暖场,用他们强有力的摇滚乐扫平各种大小级别的酒吧、音乐节、聚会和演出现场。


主唱/吉他:Lars Andersson
吉他/伴唱:Mikael Hyvärinen
贝斯/伴唱:Richard Norberg
鼓手/伴唱:Olle Karvonen


Flat Foot


Flat Foot was formed in January 2007 when four men grew tired of backing up other artists. First album, Cold Case got immediate attention from Little Steven’s Underground Garage and from then on… Hundreds of gigs all over Sweden and Europe. Radio stations all over the world have been playing Flat Foot songs and the crowd of fans is growing fast and the show's getting bigger and better. You have seen Flat Foot as support act for Status Quo, Dwight Yokam and D-A-D, sweeping the floor with powerful rock'n'roll at pubs, festivals, parties, events, clubs and stages of all shapes and sizes.

Guitar, Vocals - Lars Andersson
Guitar, Vocals - Mikael Hyvärinen
Bass, Vocals - Richard Norberg
Drums, Vocals - Olle Karvonen


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