The Magical Music of Zhao Jiping - HKCO

2014-05-10 20:00 - 22:00

The Magical Music of Zhao Jiping - HKCO

When: 10 May 2014 Sat 20:00
Where: Concert Hall, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

The Magical Music of Zhao Jiping Poster


Marie Hallynck withdraw from her scheduled performance

It is with deep regret that Marie Hallynck must withdraw from her scheduled performance at "The Magical Music of Zhao Jiping" (10 May) due to health issues. Apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Gehu Concerto Zhuang Zhou's Dream is performed by HKCO Gehu Principal Tung Hiu-lo.

Zhao Jiping is a foremost figure in contemporary Chinese music. His works are not florid, but they contain a powerful tension that adds meaning to the musical notes. He is able to express the psyche and emotions that are inherently Chinese with modern compositional techniques, which makes him a cultural icon in China today. His poignant An Elegy - to My Beloved Wife in last season's genre production by the HKCO, Farewell, Snow in Summer and In the Thoughts, dubbed the first of its kind as an "opera poem", touched many hearts, with many in the audience in tears. After years of performing his works, Yan Huichang and the HKCO are generally regarded as one of the best interpreters of Zhao's music.

Christian Wirth Chai Liang
Christian Wirth Chai Liang

The connection began many years ago when the Orchestra presented the concert The Magic Notes of Zhao Jiping. Since then the Orchestra has been performing his works on its world tours: the debut of The Silk Road Fantasia Suite at the Festival de Saint-Denis was a phenomenal success, Zhuang Zhou's Dream in Belgium with cellist Marie Hallynck wowed the audience, and Melody of the Secluded Orchid rocked Taiwan when it toured the cities of Taipei, Hsinchu and Changhua.

Marie Hallynck Zhang Chongxue
Marie Hallynck Zhang Chongxue

In the upcoming concert, the Orchestra is reprising the magic that is Zhao's, with a programme that covers his early orchestral piece, Festival at Chang'an; the erhu concerto based on the piece scored for the film of the same title, The True Hearted; the milestone piece, The Silk Road Fantasia Suite; and the philosophy-driven Zhuang Zhou's Dream that was commissioned by the Orchestra and premiered by Yo-Yo Ma. At this concert, the Conficius-inspired Melody of the Secluded Orchid for violin, guqin, soprano and orchestra and The Silk Road Fantasia Suite are performed by the saxophonist from France, Christian Wirth. It is an impressive showcase of Zhao's brilliant career across the 20th and 21st centuries.

Zhang Ningjia Zhao Jiazhen
Zhang Ningjia Zhao Jiazhen

Cello: Marie Hallynck
Violin: Chai Liang
Guqin: Zhao Jiazhen
Soprano: Zhang Ningjia
Saxophone: Christian Wirth
Erhu: Zhang Chongxue


Festival at Chang'an - Zhao Jiping, Lu Rirong
Erhu Concerto The True Hearted: Zhao Jiping, Erhu - Zhang Chongxue
Cello Concerto Zhuang Zhou's Dream - Zhao Jiping, Cello: Marie Hallynck
Violin, Guqin, Soprano and Orchestra Melody of the Secluded Orchid - Zhao Jiping, Violin: Chai Liang, Guqin: Zhao Jiazhen, Soprano: Zhang Ningjia
Saxophone Concerto The Silk Road Fantasia Suite - Zhao Jiping
1st movement - Farewell in Changan
3rd movement - The Music of Liangzhou
4th movement - The Dream of Loulan
5th movement - The Dance of Qiuci
Saxophone: Christian Wirth

Zhao Jiping

Zhao Jiping

Zhao Jiping
Zhao Jiping, a national first class composer. After graduating from Xi'an Conservatory in composition, Zhao continued his studies at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. He has been composing since July 1970. During this time, he has served in a number of major arts associations in China. He was Vice President of the Shaanxi Traditional Opera Research Institute, Head of the Shaanxi Song and Dance Theatre, and currently is Chairman of Chinese Musicians' Association, Director of Xi'an Conservatory of Music, Chairman of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Shannxi Chapter.

His major music works include: the symphonic picture The Bird of the Sun, the symphonic ballad Farewell to My Concubine (both works had their debuts at Berlin with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra in 2000); Other music works include the guanzi concerto The Silk Road Fantasia Suite; the symphonic poem Monk Jianzhen Sailing Eastward for Chinese orchestra and Symphony No. 1 2000; Ode to Peace for Chinese orchestra.

Zhao's career in film began soon after graduating from the Central Conservatory of Music when he had a chance to work with prominent movie directors Zhang Yimou and Chen Kaige on Yellow Earth.


Tickets: $100/150/250/300
Tel: 852-27342009
Add: 10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong


*Information provided by Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra

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