Market Forces - Erasure: From Conceptualism to Abstraction

2014-05-16 17:00 - 2014-07-15 19:00

Market Forces - Erasure: From Conceptualism to Abstraction

When: 16 May - 30 Jun 2014
Where: Osage Hong Kong
Opening Reception: 16 May 2014 Fri 17:00-19:00

When: 16 May - 15 Jul 2014
Where: City University of Hong Kong
Opening Reception: 16 May 2014 Fri 19:00-21:00

 From Conceptualism to Abstraction

Symposium: Art and Values

Market Forces is an annual event that is part of Osage's non-profit initiative. The basis of the event is to question 'value': the 2012 Market Forces, Whither Contemporary Art? asked whether Osage could find new paradigms for intellectual and artistic inquiry and debate, and for 2013, Market Forces: The Friction of Opposites emphasized value in terms of moral or societal notions. For 2014, Osage have invited curator Charles Merewether to curate the largest Market Forces yet; Erasure: From Conceptualism to Abstraction will be spread over two locations including Osage Hong Kong and City University. The exhibition will also be accompanied by a symposium moderated by David Elliot, entitled Art and Values whereinvited speakers Jens Hoffmann, Biljana Ciric, Charles Merewether, Kurt Chan and Enin Supriyanto will examine the increasingly over-determined economic interpretation of the value of art. Both events are co-presented by City University of Hong Kong as part of the university's 30th anniversary celebratory events.

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Au Hoi Lam, Untitled Ringo Bunoan,Endings
Au Hoi Lam, Untitled (19/11/2003), 2003, acrylic on canvas, 122 x 213 x 7.5 cm, Image courtesy of the artist, Photographed by Eddie Lam Chi Ying. Ringo Bunoan, Endings, 2013, books and book pages, dimensions variable, Image courtesy of the artist.


The basis of the exhibition is to question 'value' as assigned or measured by the global art markets; more specifically, it aims to critically engage with the increasingly pervasive conflation of aesthetic value with market price - a phenomenon which has been exacerbated by the booming contemporary market's general tendency to favour particular media, styles and 'brands'. Art in this case is reduced to a vehicle for representation rather than a basis for exploring ideas and issues or a way of engaging with the world through the senses; in other words, subject matter takes precedence over the concept and materiality of works. The exhibition will feature artists from Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and Thailand. The creation of object based and conceptual work rooted in this region has a history that is often overlooked, and such work remains, to a certain extent, unexplored. The exhibitions will thus tease out the intrinsic aesthetic value and connections between works and practices in the region.

Ian Woo, While They Slept Maria Taniguchi,News IV Ng Joon Kiat,Memory of Surfaces
Ian Woo, While They Slept, 2013, acrylic on Linen, 230 x 180 cm, Image courtesy of the artist. Maria Taniguchi, News IV, 2012, acrylic on archival paper, 113.7 x 83.8 cm, Image courtesy of the artist and Silverlens Galleries. Ng Joon Kiat, Memory of Surfaces, 2014, Mixed media on paper, Approx. 57 x 77 cm, Image courtesy of the artist and Osage Art Foundation.


Hong Kong: Au Hoi Lam, Tang Kwok Hin
China: Yu Ji, Zhao Zhao
Singapore: Ng Joon Kiat, Milenko Prvacki, Jeremy Sharma, Grace Tan, Ian Woo
Philippines: Ringo Bunoan, Nilo Ilarde, Bernardo Pacquing, Maria Taniguchi
Japan: Masanori Handa, Kishio Suga
South Korea: Shin Il Kim, Young Rim Lee, Mee Ai Om
Indonesia: FX Harsono, Tintin Wulia
Thailand: Nipan Oranniwesna

Masanori Handa, nakakiyo no entakukei Young Rim Lee, Four Gray Boxes
Masanori Handa, nakakiyo no entakukei (exhibition view at Ota Fine Arts, Singapore), 2013, Mixed media, Dimensions variable, Image courtesy of Ota Fine Arts, photographed by Wong Jing Wei Young Rim Lee, Four Gray Boxes, 2013, acrylic and wood stain, wall paint on fibreboard, 65 x 66 cm, Image courtesy of the artist and Space Cottonseed, Singapore.


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Osage Hong Kong
Opening Hours: 10:30-18:30 Mon-Sat; 14:30-18:30 Sun
Add: 4/F, 20 Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

City University of Hong Kong
Opening Hours: 10:30-19:00 Mon-Sat; 14:30-19:00 Sun
Add: 18/F, Academic Three (AC3) Building, City University of Hong Kong, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong


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