Chiuchow? Teochew? Chaozhou?

2014-04-18 20:00 - 22:00

Chiuchow? Teochew? Chaozhou?

When: 18 Apr 2014 Fri 20:00
Where: Kwai Tsing Theatre - Auditorium

Chiuchow? Teochew? Chaozhou?


Exotic sounds of Chaozhou
The title of the concert refers to one and the same, which is things and people from the Chaozhou-Shantou region in the Guangdong Province, and the only difference is the different romanisations according to different dialects. The Chiuchow population in Hong Kong is over one million, tightly bonded by their dialect, community culture, food and music.

Kwok Hang-kei, famous composer and conductor in Hong Kong, is Chiuchowese by birth, so it is befitting that he should be the curator and conductor of this concert. He will be presenting the fruit of his research over the years on the indigenous music of the region and how he brings it together with contemporary Chinese music, choral music and Chinese poetry. To enhance the vernacular touch, the HKCO has invited the Music Lovers' Chorus of Shantou City as guest performer on this occasion. The Chorus will sing in the Chiuchow dialect Ode to Chaozhou and Shantou, I'm Teochew, etc.. Other items on the programme are Evocations, a quaintly elegant piece of Chiuchow music inspired by, and with the lyrics of, a poem by Zhang Jiuling (673-740) of the Tang Dynasty, choral arrangements of children's songs as well as pop music of Chaozhou and Shantou by Kwok himself. It promises to rewrite any preconception that music of the region is nowhere near 'trendy pop'! The Hong Kong Junior Chinese Orchestra will join the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra in performing the gong-and-drum ensemble piece, The Frisky Thrush, a representative piece in Chiuchow music. Kwok's latest composition, Sing! Teochew Sing! will also be making its world premiere on this occasion. The beautiful singing and traditional music should bring to you idyllic imaginings of this scenic area in the eastern part of Guangdong.

Kwok Hang-kei

Kwok Hang-kei

Soprano and Orchestra
Sing! Teochew Sing!
(Commissioned by the HKCO/World premiere)
Kwok Hang-kei | Soprano: Zhang Min

Choir and Orchestra
Ode to Chaozhou and Shantou
Lyrics by James Ting and Kwok Hang-kei
I'm Teochew
Lyrics by Li Jinfeng and Kwok Hang-kei
A Fishermen's Song of Chaozhou
Recitation of Lyrics by Lin Dianwei | Notated by Chen Lin| Kwok Hang-kei
Poem by Zhang Jiuling (673-740) | Kwok Hang-kei

Choir and Orchestra| The latest pops
Female Chorus | Morning in a Waterlogged Town
Lyrics by Mo Zeqiong | Chong Yin| Arr. by Chen Lin and Kwok Hang-kei
Male Chorus | The Bile of Love
Lyrics by ChenXiaoqi | Lan Zhai | Arr. & Instr, by Kwok Hang-kei
Mixed Chorus | The Speeding Rainbow Clouds
Lyrics by Chen Xiaoqi | Lan Zhai | Arr. by Chen Lin and Kwok Hang-kei

Chaozhou Xiaoluogu | The Skipping Thrush
Traditional Chaozhou Music | Instr. Yu Yiwen

A cappella chorus | Selections from the Song Cycle The Moon of My Homeland
Moonlight Song | Children's Ballad of Chaozhou and Shantou
Notated by Chen Mayuan | Arr. by Kwok Hang-kei
Returning Tonight with the Moon
Lyrics and music by Chen Xiaoqi | Arr. by Kwok Hang-kei

Chaozhou Daluogu (Percussion Ensemble)
The Joy of Spring | Kwok Hang-kei


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