Martian Arts 2014 China Tour

2014-04-05 21:00 - 23:59

Martian Arts 2014 China Tour

When: 5 April 2014 Sat 21:00

希腊电音Martian Arts2014中国巡演

希腊电音Martian Arts2014中国巡演长沙站

Martian Arts
The Disco Hooligan, aka Martian Arts is, Nectarios Meidanis. A BSc certified audio tech engineer and sound designer aficionado, that loves psychedelic music. Has been releasing music under various projects, on various labels, including, Distinctive Records, Audio Therapy, Dieb Audio, StreetWise, Fabric LIVE, Brighton Breaks, Etnicanet, Ektoplazm, Neurobiotic Records, Mutagen Records, GoaProductions, Hyperflow, Tago Mago, Gee Spot Recordings… to name but a few.

Inspired by yesterday's riffs, pushing forward in new styles.

Atoned Splendor

Atoned Splendor

Atoned Splendor
Atoned Splendor AKA Psytrance Pete or Peter Donaldson as he is otherwise known. Began on a lifetimes pursuit of music very early on by taking up playing the cello at age three. This continued when he took up the piano at age six. Later his interest in electronic dance music developed and he undertook an HND in Music Technology in Manchester. Upon graduation he started working for Flying Rhino records in London, where he cut his Psytrance teeth working alongside the now infamous Rhinos; James Monro, George Barker and Dominic Lamb.

Then in the summer of 2002 he went on to work for Fire Recordings, where he worked alongside Cass Cutbush and Peter Martin of Cass & Slide fame. In the summer of 2003 he began working for Raja Ram's legendary Psytrance label TipRecords.

In 2009 after relocated to Beijing China Pete started the China based Psytrance organization GoaProductions. 2012 saw the launch of Pete's solo project Atoned Splendor which has received wide Praise throughout the Psytrance scene. His first release was included in a "Must have Top 10" on Beatport and every subsequent release so far has been charted! 2013 is set to see many more Atoned Splendor releases and lots more gigs.


Price: 50/30RMB
Tel: 0731-85539946
Add: First floor Xiangcai Building, Xinmin Road No. 52, Yuelu District, Changsha, Hunan

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