Panasonic Proudly Sponsors The Professor - Hong Kong Repertory Theatre 2014-15 Season

2014-09-06 20:15 - 2014-09-16 22:15

Panasonic Proudly Sponsors The Professor - Hong Kong Repertory Theatre 2014-15 Season

When: 6 Sep Sat, 10-11 Sep Wed-Thu, 12-13 Sep Fri-Sat 20:15; 7 Sep Sun, 13-14 Sep Sat-Sun 15:15 2014, 15-16 Sep Mon-Tue 20:15
Where: Jockey Club Auditorium, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

The Professor Poster

An acclaimed premiere set alight new debates on education. The ever-present tension between ideals and reality in education continues to take hold…

Photo: Yankov Wong

The Professor Poster

The Professor by Candace Chong, winner of four Drama Awards, is one of her rare works set in a campus environment. The play examines the discrepancy between the moral high ground claimed by university education and the conflicting layers of reality. Last year's premiere was met by enthusiastic acclaims, even the standing areas were completely sold out. It generated widespread media coverage, and sparked off new debates across the society and poignant reflection upon the education system.

The story follows Lucretia, one of the last students to take the A-Level exam. Her grades turn out to be lower than expected, so she chooses the Faculty of Philosophy as a stepping stone for switching to a more "desirable" subject. The strategically-minded young woman is completely pre-occupied with the thoughts of a good GPA as her ticket to a "better" department, until she meets a professor who vows to develop his students' critical thinking ability and Jeremy, a senior student also known as the Prince of Social Activism. When Jeremy is arrested in a campaign, he is forced to take a stance between reality and ideals. A string of heated debates on the notions of "teaching" and "receiving" also follows suit.

The Professor Poster

Cast & Production Team
Playwright: Candace Chong
Director: Octavian Chan
Leading Cast: Poon Chan Leung, Kwok Ching Man, Au Yeung Chun, Tan Hui Lei Karrie


Tips: Presented in Cantonese with Chinese & English surtitles.


Ticketing Enquiries: 852-37616661
Credit Card Booking: 852-21115999
Online booking:
Programme Enquiries: 852-31035900


Tickets: $280/200/160
Tel: 852-27667100
Add: 11 Yuk Choi Road, Hung Hom, Hong Kong


*Information provided by Hong Kong Repertory Theatre


Panasonic呈献《教授》The Professor 理想与现实的角力 再次激起连番辩论

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