Attempts on Her Life - Hong Kong Repertory Theatre 2014-15 Season

2014-07-10 19:45 - 2014-07-20 16:45

Attempts on Her Life - Hong Kong Repertory Theatre 2014-15 Season

When: 10-12 Jul Thu-Sat, 15-19 Jul 19:45; 11 May Sun, 12-13 Jul Sat-Sun, 19-20 Jul Sat-Sun 14:45 2014
Where: Theatre, Hong Kong City Hall

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Reality within an imaginary world. An ever-changing role that lives within ourselves. HKRep's revolutionary new adaptation of a contemporary theatre classic already translated into 20 languages.

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Attempts on Her Life Attempts on Her Life

Like a wandering spirit, the mysterious character of Anne appears in 17 story segments which seem completely disjointed yet thoroughly related. She has no specific physical appearance, image or even facial feature, yet she feels extremely real. Her tragedy lies within the manipulation, debates, exaggeration and suspicions to which she is subjected; whilst being idealised, invented, glorified, investigated, played with, captured, elevated, and treated with apathy…utter and complete apathy.

Attempts on Her Life Attempts on Her Life

All that you can imagine of her may in fact be "her". In reality, can you, we and they perhaps all be "her"?! In these extensive searches, we may find "her" in a domain far away yet extremely close to us simultaneously.

Attempts on Her Life Attempts on Her Life

Premiered in 1997 in London, Attempts on her Life is the most influential creation yet by contemporary British playwright Martin Crimp. Its groundbreaking approach in scriptwriting and bold discourse on its subject matter triggered intense responses in theatre circles across the world. To date, the play has been translated into 20 languages for performances and research studies. Its gripping narrative style reveals layers of new dramatic tension as the performance progresses, creating powerful emotional impact in every person among the audience.

Attempts on Her Life Attempts on Her Life

Cast & Production Team
Playwright: Martin Crimp (UK)
Translator: Chris Shum
Director: Fung Wai Hang
Cast: Sun Wai Keung, Wang Wei, Yau Ting Fai, Lau Shau Ching, Chan Kiu, Au Yeung Chun, Ng Ka Leung, Lui Si Lan, Wong Wai Chi, Cheung Tsz Ki, Kwok Ching Man


Tips: Presented in Cantonese with Chinese & English surtitles. This programme contains strong language and adult content. Recommended for aged 12 and above.


Ticketing Enquiries: 852-37616661
Credit Card Booking: 852-21115999
Online booking:
Programme Enquiries: 852-31035900


Tickets: $280/200/160/250*/180*/140* (*Weekday Special - Only applicable to the performances from Tue to Thu. Except public holiday eve)
Tel: 852-29212840
Add: 5 Edinburgh Place, Central, Hong Kong


*Information provided by Hong Kong Repertory Theatre


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