"All the Way to Sunset" - Zhang Peiyun

2014-03-22 17:00 - 2014-04-21 18:30

"All the Way to Sunset" - Zhang Peiyun

When: 22 Mar - 21 Apr 2014
Where: Mustard Seed Space
Opening: 22 Mar 2014 Sat 17:00

"All the Way to Sunset" - Zhang Peiyun

All The Way To Sunset

The nearby Mustard Seed Space is devoted to be a nest of emerging artists. This time, by displaying four videos and two installations, it showcases Zhang Peiyun's initial exploration of light. With the consciousness flowing throughout her works, Zhang aims to merge the sense of daily experience with search of the metaphysical concepts. Therefore, her works are both ways upwards and inwards. Light, a theme since the ancient times, has inspired Bach, Van Gogh and Tarkovsky on their way of art. Tracing the overlapped footprints on this road, Zhang Peiyun is bathing in the spirit of light, which is the greatness in silence. Compared to the over self-centered art in this era, works of Zhang Peiyun reveals a sense of calmness which is beyond her age and wrapped the poetic romanticism in her.

"Nothing under the sun is truly new". In this spring revive, one thought - how to measure the in-between of the real world and the ideal land. As one of those who raise the question, we invite you to view the exhibition with us.


Some Works (Click thumbnail to view larger image)

work exhibition all the way to sunset by zhang peiyun work exhibition all the way to sunset by zhang peiyun work exhibition all the way to sunset by zhang peiyun


Zhang PeiYun
1991 Born in Hang Zhou, Now lives in Shanghai, Public Art Professional at East China Normal University.

2012 'CREATIVE M50'prize M Space, Shanghai 2013
2013 New Youth Artist Annual Award CHI K11 ART SPACE, Shanghai 2013

Group Exhibition
"RECYCLING&REINCARNATION2"Università degli Studi di Roma, Roma 2012
"Borrow Art" Museum of Unknown Project, POWER STATION OF ART, Shanghai 2013
"Bloom" Opening Gallery, Shanghai 2013
"TO-SH" Palazzo Saluzzo di Paesana, Torino 2013
"Social Meditation-Good Person of Szechwan" 9㎡-Museum Goethe Open Space, Shanghai 2014

Double Exhibition
"DREAM &SEE" Wang Yi, Zhang PeiYun,M50 ART SPACE, Shanghai 2013


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