The Nearest Trio

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The Nearest Trio

The Nearest Trio

The Nearest Trio在韩国的爵士乐坛拥有无法撼动的王者地位,曾获得韩国音乐大奖,并先后在韩国和日本进行巡演。其原创作品多拥有一种浪漫主义精神情结,充满了兴奋、激情、无畏无惧的正能量,糅合了韩国古典流行音乐和世界民族音乐的精髓。

The Nearest Trio

Jangeun Bae
Sung Jae Sohn
Jun Young Song

The Nearest Trio The Nearest Trio



Nearest Trio is the most leading jazz musicians in Korea. Original compositions with full of spirit and romanticism. Brilliant works of Korean old pop music and folk world music. NT's music has an excitement, passion, fearless energy, creative texture, and dancing groove. NT has won the Korean Music Awards and toured in Korea and Japan.

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