Kim Angelis

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Kim Angelis

Kim Angelis

Kim Angelis 10岁开始学习小提琴,接受Rene Bregozzo的指导并被称为“美国吉普赛人”。她在吉普赛与古典的音符间保有自己的想法,作品的曲调时而奔放,时而低诉,一再牵引阅听人的心绪。Kim Angelis为专辑《Violin Voyager》所作的曲子主奏为小提琴,由钢琴、吉他、贝斯、竖琴、斑鸠琴、大提琴及一些民俗传统乐器加入编排,使得乐曲有更鲜明的活泼度。


Kim Angelis
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Kim Angelis

Kim Angelis began studying the violin at the age of 10 under the guidance of Rene Bregozzo, whose area of expertise was the "American Gypsie" style.  Kim retained this style and also added a blend of classical music towards it. The result is music which ranges from a bolder tone, yet sometimes resembles that of a whisper, retaining complete control over her audience's mood.The violin is not the sole instrument in Kim's album "Violin Voyager". Her talents as a composer are also showcased as the piano, guitar, bass, harp, banjo, cello, and some traditional folk instruments are also implemented, resulting in a vivid, yet lively masterpiece.

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