Ray Lema VSNP Quintet

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Ray Lema VSNP Quintet

Ray Lema VSNP Quintet

殿堂级的钢琴家,同时也是一个吉他手、作曲家,他演奏的优美韵律来自他心灵的声音,细腻、典雅、具有深刻的内涵。1992年,Ray Lema获得法国文化部颁发的"Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres du Ministère de la Culture de France"文学艺术骑士勋章。2003年,他获得了法国"Django d'Or"终生成就奖。


Ray Lema
Gilles Coquard
Nicolas Viccaro
Irving AcaoSy
lvain Gontard




Ray Lema was born on a Congolese train, and he seemed destined to lead a non-trivial life from that moment on. His music comprises sounds of elegance and meaning delivered from the heart and soul of Ray himself. Ray Lema, whose skills as a pianist are said to be unsurpassable, won the French Ministry of Culture's "Knight of literature and art" medal in 1992. In 2003, he won the French "Django d'Or" Lifetime Achievement Award.

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