Will You Still Love Film Tomorrow: Sharing by Arvin Chen - The 19th ifva festival

2014-03-23 14:00 - 16:00

Will You Still Love Film Tomorrow: Sharing by Arvin Chen - The 19th ifva festival

When: 23 Mar, 2014, Sun, 14:00
Where: Hong Kong Space agnès b. CINEMA




One of the most promising young Taiwanese director, Arvin Chen is perhaps best known for his recent feature Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, a rom-com featuring with a taste of magical realism, and his debut feature, Au Revoir Taipei. He indeed has produced some great shorts, most notably Mei (2006) which won the Silver Bear for the best short film at Berlinale, and Lane 256 (2011) in 10+10 which was a project initiated by the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival. Chen will share with ifva audience stories behind his creations, and clips from these short films will be screened.


Still Movie


Taiwan / 2006 / Col / 15′ 56″

A young man learns about love in the nightmarkets of Taipei.

《LANE 256》

《LANE 256》

Taiwan / 2011 / Col / 5′ 00"

A young couple, soon to be married, moves into their new apartment amid growing uncertainty about their future.


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