ifva Storytelling Series Programme 2 - The 19th ifva festival

2014-04-06 13:00 - 15:00

ifva Storytelling Series Programme 2 - The 19th ifva festival

When: 6 Apr, 2014 Sun 13:00
Where: Hong Kong Space agnès b. CINEMA



第38届香港国际电影节(The 38th Hong Kong International Film Festival)

A story may not have an ending, but it definitely has a beginning. So does ifva. Veteran scriptwriter and critic Lam Kee-to selected nine winning short films from past ifva awards, showcasing nine different ways of storytelling. While demonstrating a great variety, they share one thing in common: a strong Hong Kong flavor.


Still Movie
《Red Faces》

《Red Faces》

Kam Man Fai / 1997 / 22′ / In Cantonese with English subtitles
The 3rd ifva Awards - Others Category Distinguished Award

"Guangong beheads Diaochan under the pale moonlight" – an episode from traditional Chinese opera. The death of she-Diaochan enables he-Guangong to establish his manhood (or to be a hero?), what follows is the journey in search of his own sex. Without Diaochan and his typical "red", what else is left for Guangong to equip himself as a man? His fluttering beard or his squalid genitals?

《Ah Ming》

《Ah Ming》

Hui Nga Shu, Rita / 1996 / 15′ / In Cantonses with English subtitle
The 2nd ifva Awards - Drama Category Distinguished Award

A normal day, a normal family in Hong Kong, a normal school girl and a normal accident at home.



Chan Tai Lee / 2004 / 18'30″ / In Cantonese with no subtitle
The 10th ifva Awards - Open Category Gold Award

One day, a glance of my mother's life, recorded as picture and sound.

《Hong Kong Guy》

《Hong Kong Guy》

Lo Hoi Ying / 1998 / 56′ / In Cantonese with English subtitles
The 4th ifva Awards - Youth Category Gold Award

You are guaranteed to enjoy this film. Highly visual, this rather wonderful film by a very young man will keep you smiling. The director admits to having been influenced by such popular idols as Bruce Lee, Samuel Hui and Stephen Chow. The story is about how a bored youth indulges himself in imitating the idols and fictitious videotaping.


Tickets: HK$65*
Tel: 852-23144228/852-21115999
Add: 2 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong


* Information provided by ifva


ifva Storytelling Series Programme 1 - The 19th ifva festival

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