A Dialogue with Rimini Protokoll - A Lecture by Stefan Kaegi

2014-02-27 14:00 - 17:00

A Dialogue with Rimini Protokoll - A Lecture by Stefan Kaegi

When: Feb 27, 2014 Thur 14:00-17:00
Where: Penghao Theater

Stefan Kaegi(里米尼记录)策划的项目“移动柏林”现场 摄影:Expander

Stefan Kaegi(里米尼记录)策划的项目“移动柏林”现场 摄影:Expander


Partner: Penghao Theater
Language: English and Chinese


How does one stage live ready-mades and transplant experts onto stages as well as into the grey zone between reality and fiction, using documentary materials and theatrical interventions?

Stefan Kaegi, Co-Founder of the theatre group "Rimini Protokoll" is on a research trip for possible future cooperation in China. He will give a lecture for theatre makers in Beijing entitled "On decontextualized performers and remote viewers" on February 27th, about the documentary theatre. Kaegi will show and comment on short videos on the recent productions of Rimini Protocoll with Kazakh oil-drillers, 50 remote controlled spectators, 100 statistically chosen Berliners, as well as Indian call centre operators.

Stefan Kaegi produces documentary theatre plays, radio shows, and works in the urban environment in a diverse variety of collaborative partnerships. At the moment, he is writing modular site-specific audio tours for the cities of São Paulo, Bangalore, Avignon and St. Petersburg. In 2010, Kaegi was awarded the European Prize for Cultural Diversity. Kaegi has co-produced work with Helgard Haug and Daniel Wetzel since 2003 under the label "Rimini Protokoll"; its purpose is to pry apart the sense of reality and present all its facets from unusual perspectives. Rimini Protokoll was awarded the Silver Lion of the Biennale for the Performing Arts in Venice in 2011.


Free Admission
Tel: 010-64006472
Add: No. 35, Dongmianhua Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing


*Information provided by Goethe-Institut China.


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