Impression of Dongshan - Art Exhibition by Wang Shouzhi

2014-03-15 10:00 - 2014-04-16 22:00

Impression of Dongshan - Art Exhibition by Wang Shouzhi

When: 15 Mar - 16 Apr, 2014, 10:00-22:00
Where: Kui Yuan Gallery
Opening Hours: 15 Mar, 2014, Sat, 15:00

Impression of Dongshan - Art Exhibition by Wang Shouzhi


Guangzhou was a rather small city when I was born in 1946 . The population then was 1.2 million after WWII. A city developed along a section of short east bound Pearl River flowing toward South China Sea,Guangzhou was basically a long, east-west strip, being encompassed by city wall on three sides, the West Gate, the East Gate, and Guanyin Hill (Avalokitesvara hill, south tip of Yuexiu Hill now), the south is the river. What we call Xiguan (West Pass) and Dongshan (East Hill) were all beyond the city boundary in the suburbs. There was reat diversification among the communities in 19 century and the Republic period. Xiguan was luxury city dwellings for wealthy landlords from nearby counties –Nanhai, Panyu, Shund and Sze-yap: Xinhui, Taishan, Kaiping and Enping. Dongshan was residence of overseas Chinese who had made their fortune and hoped living occasionally at hometown. The Guangzhou aborigines largely stayed in the midtown. Across the river was “He Nan”( South Bank), just farmland that peasants worked and lived.

Impression of Dongshan -  by Wang Shouzhi Impression of Dongshan -  by Wang Shouzhi

I spent my childhood in the city until age of seven. Witnessed flags changed moment in 1949 when Guangzhou was taken over by PLA soldiers from KMT. I had been everywhere in pretty Guangzhou with my parents in that period. Although I was brought by my parents to Wuchang and lived there since 1953, I still came back the town each summer vacation to stay in family house in Lianxin Road near Dr. Sun yat-sen Memorial Hall. In this circumstance I myself become a good witness of the city. The Kui Yuan Gallery in Dongshan invites me to have my painting show held this time. It is a great honor for this exhibition, which contains dozens of paintings on charcoal and Chinese ink. They are the impression of Dongshan from my early memory. Definitely Dongshan from these memories looks great and perfect. But I know those paintings in some way is like Giorgio de Chirico's surrealistic canvas. The real Dongshan has never been that romantic.

Impression of Dongshan -  by Wang Shouzhi Impression of Dongshan -  by Wang Shouzhi

I like charcoal as an art medium and always hope a style of fluency of ink-brushwork could be developed. Categorizing art based on different media rather than art schools has been a way of art connoisseurs and scholars in China since PRC was found. Oil painting, Chinese ink painting, printing, sculpture are main categories. Illustration fails to fall into any of them. For helping fitting charcoal into a category, say illustration which requires text, I did write some text in each paintings.

Impression of Dongshan -  by Wang Shouzhi Impression of Dongshan -  by Wang Shouzhi

Dongshan was lucky enough in PRC since the most significant and exquisite residential buildings left by the owners who ran away after the Revolution, were taken over and used by both administrative and military officials. 500 buildings are still standing there, among 2,000 in 1940s. A few of them are in great shape. Besides those once used by underground revolutionaries , such as Chun Yuan (the Spring Garden), Kui Yuan is the most comprehensive one, which has been turned into an art gallery by a group of young art connoisseurs . So lucky to have this building as an art gallery for my works.

-Wang Shouzhi

Impression of Dongshan -  by Wang Shouzhi Impression of Dongshan -  by Wang Shouzhi

Wang Shouzhi
Professor of Design theories and history in Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, USA; Dean of Chueng Kong School of Art & Design, Shantou University, China.


Tel: 020-87659746
Add: Kui Yuan Gallery, No.9, Xuguyuan Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou


*Information provided by Kui Yuan Gallery


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