The Socio-spatial Transition of Beijing - Book Launch & Forum

2014-03-01 13:00 - 16:00

The Socio-spatial Transition of Beijing - Book Launch & Forum

When: Mar 1, 2014 Sat 13:00
Where: UCCA

The Socio-spatial Transition of Beijing - Book Launch & Forum


On 1st March 2014 the Goethe-Institut China decide to hold a panel discussion on the sociospatial transformation of Beijing at the UCCA in Beijing. Urban planner and architect Che Fei will discuss his new book there, "The Socio-spatial Transition of Beijing: A Fundamental Concept of City Spaceology", as well as the latest findings and best practice examples in this field with a panel of seminal philosophers, architects, urban planners and critics. During its evolution from an imperial capital to the capital of a people's republic, Beijing has undergone tremendous upheavals against a backdrop of radical and far-reaching changes in the relationship between society and space. Puzzling out the structural factors that are ushering in this transition will not only help in understanding and reflecting on the spatial revolutions this city has been through over the past one hundred years, but will also open up hitherto undiscovered potential for future urban planning. In his new book, Che Fei sets forth an innovative theory of the uses of urban space, pinpointing the internal factors that have determined Beijing's socio-spatial development from the late Qing dynasty to the present day.

Che Fei is the head architect of the Beijing architecture firm CU Office. His essays are published in various architecture magazines. His first book, "Concussion", came out in 2009.


Organizer: Goethe-Institut China, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, CU office
Language: English, Chinese
Speakers: Che Fei (architect), Cao Xiaoxin (architect), Li Qi ("smart city" researcher), Shi Jian (writer and curator), Tang Keyang (architect and curator), Wang Min'an (philosopher), Wang Mingxian (architecture critic), Zhu Jiaguang (urban planner)


The Socio-spatial transition of Beijing - A Fundamental Concept of City Spaceology
The book is written by Che Fei, who is an architect and an urban architectural theory author. This is a collection of his academic research work on macro-theory of city spaceology between 2006 and 2010. The research addressed in the book first applies structuration methods to study dialectical relations between space and society, systematically proposes a fundamental concept of structuration spaceology, and establishes a set of theories for analyzing and understanding of the city socio-spatial structure and its transition. This research fills the gaps in inter-disciplined studies of contemporary urban society and space development as an innovative theory. In addition, the new theory proposed in the research is applied into practice through a thorough structurational analysis of socio-spatiality based on Beijing as an example, decoding the city's structuration transition from nationalist China after ending of feudal Qing dynasty to New China after starting of reform and opening-up.


Author: Che Fei
Che Fei is an architect, urbanist and theory writer. He is principal architect of CU Office base in Beijing. His essays appeared on various architectural magazines of China, and his first book Concussion was published in 2009.


Program Contents
13:00-13:30 Book introduction
Moderator: Tang Keyang
Book Review Speaker: Che Fei

13:30-14:30 Seminar Part A / Beijing transition in between city and Space
Moderator: Min-xian Wang
Dialogue Speaker: Jia-guang Zhu, Yong-he Zhang (Architect), Qi Li, Fei Che

14:30-15:30 Seminar Part B / Beijing transition in between society and space
Moderator: Jian Shi
Dialogue Speaker: Keyang Tang, Min-an Wang, Xiaoxin Cao, Fei Che

15:30-16:00 Free talk and answer Questions


Free Admission
Tel: 010-57800200
Add: 798 Art District, No. 4 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing


*Information provided by Goethe-Institut China


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