Asian Cinema Week: Best of Wathann Film Fest (Burmese) - JUE | Music + Art Festival 2014

2014-03-14 08:00 - 2014-03-23 17:00

Asian Cinema Week: Best of Wathann Film Fest (Burmese) - JUE | Music + Art Festival 2014

When: 14 Mar, 2014 Sat 8:00pm
Where: MOMA Auditorium

When: 23 Mar, 2014 Sun 3:00pm
Where: Yuncai Cafe

All Fishes go to Heaven

All Fishes go to Heaven


The Wathann Film Fest was inspired in format and design by the Berlin International Film Festival. Its mission according to Thu Thu Shein - the festival's Co-founder and Director - is to inspire local directors to improve the quality of the films created in Myanmar. The festival is held annually in Yangon, and is the first of its kind in the region. Asian Cinema Week brings you a selection of some of the festival's best works.


Part of Bike to JUE, Here is the bill:

All Fishes go to Heaven
Format: Short Animation Film / 03'30"
Director: Zaw Ye Myint


A fish is going to Heaven! It has died in a fish bowl at a kid's house, and a light from heaven is carrying its spirit away. It thinks about all the entertainment heaven could offer as it sees the gates of heaven approaching. It is about to sample heavenly joy when the fish suddenly drops into a pond in heaven. It is a fish after all. The pond in heaven is usually a cloud…


On Hteedan Road
Format: Documentary Film / 18'18"
Director: Ten Man Group

Life on the streets near Hteedan jetty.


Format: Documentary Film / 30'00”
Director: Kyaw Myo Lwin

A film about the families; men, women, adults and children, who recycle old tyres. This is their way of life and means of obtaining sustenance.


A Letter from the civil war
Format: Documentary Film / 03'00"
Director: Lin Thet Naung

A letter from a resident of Kachin state, where a civil war is being waged.


Next Month (Best Short Film Award 2013)
Format: Short - fiction Film / 04'00"
Director: Soe Moe Aung

This is a story about a family in harmony with a troubling predicament. It is difficult to prove to anyone whether they are guilty or innocent. All that can be said is that the situation is not so good.


Take me Home (Best Documentary Film Award 2013)
Format: Documentary Film / 20'00"
Director: Shin Daewe

This film is about a group of people caught in the conflict between the Myanmar governmental forces and Kachin armed forces. They ask when they can go home. Who knows the answer to this?


The River Our Ayeyarwaddy (New Vision Award 2013)
Format: Documentary Film / 30'00"
Director: Tay Zar, Pe Maung Same

A group of Myanmar photographers, journalists, poets and writers go upstream along the river Ayeyarwaddy, This river has been threatened by ongoing business activities including a huge hydropower project from neighboring China. Rhythmic camera work combined with a poetry reading by one of the travellers on the boat trip captures the suffering river, and the threat of the extinction of millions of lives.


Host: split works


MOMA Auditorium
Add: Skywalk, Dangdai MOMA North Zone, No.1, Xiangheyuan Road, Dongzhimen, Dongcheng District, Beijing


Yuncai Cafe
Add: Inside Changshou Park 260 Changshou Lu, near Xikang Lu, Putuo District, Shanghai
Website: JUE | Music + Art Festival


*Information provided by JUE | Music + Art Festival

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