Inti Guerrero Curates Duddell's Exhibition

2014-02-13 00:00 - 2014-04-30 12:00

Inti Guerrero Curates Duddell's Exhibition

When: 13 Feb -30 Apr 2014
Where: Duddell's

Inti Guerrero Curates Duddell's Exhibition


Hosting its fourth exhibition after three successful shows, Duddell's displays a plethora of contemporary artworks, fashion photography and archival documents that highlight the importance of foreign influence in Hong Kong. Locally based critic and curator Inti Guerrero has put together Foreign Presence as an expression of the consistent flow of non-local influencers that has contributed to what Hong Kong is today.

Stop Useless Resistance 2011

Leung Chi Wo, Stop Useless Resistance 2011, LED light, etched plexiglass, C-type print, 3 elements at 30 x 40 cm each

19th century panoramic photographs taken during the French and British fleet's occupation by Felice Beato hang alongside a triptych by Hong Kong-based Leung Chi Wo inspired by the Japanese occupation during WWII, a neon text piece by Paris based collective Claire Fontaine, and a 1962 Harpers Bazaar fashion shoot in Hong Kong in this thought-provoking and enthralling display of works.


Opening Hours: 00:00-12:00 Thu; 00:00-13:00 Fri-Sat
Tel: 852-25259191
Add: 1 Duddell Street, Central District, Hong Kong

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