《在空中》 © Allen Fraser / Cry Fly Manitoba Inc.

曾凭借《伤心的奶水》(2009)夺得柏林电影节最高奖—金熊奖的导演Claudio Llosa,此次讲述了一个关于责任及洗心革面重新开始的故事。在一个纪录片导演的跟随下,影片主人公Ivan深入挖掘一处未知的、冷冻的风景。影片运用倒序的手法,逐层揭示这段旅程背后的原因。




《在空中》 © Allen Fraser / Cry Fly Manitoba Inc.

主演:詹妮弗·康纳利、基利安·墨菲、梅拉尼·罗兰、Oona Chaplin、William Shimell、Zen McGrath
摄影:Nicolas Bolduc
美术指导:Eugenio Caballero
剪辑:Guille de La Cal
音响指导:Fabiola Ordoyo
执行制片:Sandra Hermida




Aloft © Allen Fraser / Cry Fly Manitoba Inc.

In Aloft, Claudio Llosa, who won the Golden Bear in 2009 for La teta asustada, tells a story about responsibility and radical new beginnings. Accompanied by a young documentary filmmaker, Ivan penetrates deeper and deeper into an unknown, frozen landscape. The film uses an enigmatic network of flashbacks to reveal the reasons behind this journey.

When Ivan is a boy his mother Nana works on a farm where she also takes care of Gully, Ivan's younger brother whose mental health is deteriorating as a result of a debilitating illness. Nana tells Ivan to support his brother but he defiantly withdraws into a world of his own instead where he follows his falcon Inti's manoeuvres in the air. One day a healer arrives at the place where they live. Through him, Nana discovers her own healing powers. Together they build fragile tents from twigs where they help heal other people's children. But then a tragic accident occurs which tears Nana's family apart.

Years later - as the story reverts to the present - Ivan sets off in search of his mother. He is a father himself now and he has heard Nana has set up her tent at the end of a frozen lake.


Director: Claudia Llosa
Cast: Jennifer Connelly, Cillian Murphy, Mélanie Laurent, Oona Chaplin, William Shimell, Zen McGrath
Cinematography: Nicolas Bolduc
Production Designer: Eugenio Caballero
Editor: Guille de La Cal
Sound Designer: Fabiola Ordoyo
Line Producer: Sandra Hermida
Spain / Canada / France 2013, 112 min, English


第64届柏林国际电影节(The 64th Berlin International Film Festival)

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