China Dance Forward 2014

2014-02-14 20:00 - 2014-02-15 22:00

China Dance Forward 2014

When: 14-15 Feb 2014 Fri-Sat 20:00
Where: Theatre, Sheung Wan Civic Centre

China Dance Forward 2014 Poster


Another 2 years have gone by, and it's time for another China Dance Forward get-together. In this - the third of the series - works by aspiring choreographers from the Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong are selected through an open call. Like before, it provides a platform for top dance-makers of the next generation from the three areas to perform and meet in Hong Kong again.

Hailing from Beijing, Taipei, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Xi'an, Nanjing and Changsha, the works bring to the audience a montage of innovative and diversified dance as choreographers and the audience alike explore the present and the future of Chinese modern dance.


City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC)
Through the leadership of its Founder and Artistic Director, Willy Tsao, City Contemporary Dance Company has inspired and elated audiences in Hong Kong and around the world with superb modern dance performances over the past 30 years. Founded in 1979, CCDC has presented over 200 original works to critical acclaim, including productions by leading choreographers and innovative collaborations with outstanding artists from other media.

CCDC's renown in reflecting the vigour and creativity of Hong Kong's vibrant, multifaceted contemporary culture has earned it overseas invitations to the world's foremost dance stages and festivals in over 30 major cities in America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Since opening the CCDC Dance Centre in 2004, it has also given young artists, students and the community-at-large the promise of a bright and dynamic future for dance in Hong Kong as it produces 40 outreach performances annually and offers highly popular dance courses benefiting over 40,000 students and audience members each year.

The Company launched the China Dance Development Programme (CDDP) in 1998 to strengthen the collaboration with mainland artists and organisations, and to propel local dance development in mainland China. Through the establishment of strategic partnerships with Beijing Dance/LDTX of Beijing and Guangdong Modern Dance Company of Guangzhou, a variety of cultural exchange activities are organised each year. These include "HK Dance Podium" the annual Guangdong Modern Dance Festival, and the Guangdong Summer Dance Camp and Dance Symposium all of which serve as unique platforms for budding dance-makers and independent artists as well as established companies of note. The festival has now become the most important modern dance event in China and attracts both national and international attention.


Curator's Notes (Willy Tsao, Artistic Director of CCDC)
China Dance Forward embarked on its third year, seeking out the emerging creative forces of Chinese contemporary dance and assembling them in Hong Kong. The number of applications is more than a hundred and the overall quality of applicants has been a great improvement. We have established a clear artistic positioning for selection: “The works of young choreographers focusing on meticulous body movements”.

In support of "Dance Forward", we focus on those who may be relatively unknown but truly reflect a necessary integrity and the most promising, youthful dimension as exhibited through their bodies, and through the most simple of costumes and props. Some of the participants come from top dance academies and some of them are independent dance artists from different cities of the region. These choreographers may be young, but, in my opinion, they definitely represent the future of Chinese modern dance.


Let Go (Nanjing Sun's key): Wu Hai Qi
Brightness (Xi'an): Wang Jun Jian
Annoyed (Changsha Pie Dance Theatre): Cao Wei
Peach Flavored Vodka (Zhuhai): Hu Qing Qing
Figure (Guangzhou Figure Theatre): Yu Yanan, Wu Hui, Liu Qingyu, Lai Ka Po
Aria (Beijing): Yang Zhen
Side by Side (Beijing N SPACE): Gu Jia Ni
A Room (Taipei): Liu Yen Cheng
Floating Flower (Taipei): Tsai Po Cheng
TINT (Hong Kong): Pak Wei Ming
The City of Crime (Hong Kong The Autistic Genius): ARChing Tang, Lokin So, Rex Chiu


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Tickets: $200/140 Half-price tickets available for senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and the minder, full-time students and Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients
Tel: 852-28532689
Add: 5/F Sheung Wan Municipal Services Building, 345 Queens' Road Central, Hong Kong


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